David Beckham in Peaky Blinders Season 6?

Jeya Suriya -

David Beckham in Peaky Blinders Season 6?

Peaky Blinders, the BBC bankrolled show has a cult fan following worldwide. The show was initially telecasted on the second-largest broadcaster BBC Two, after the massive success of Season 4, it is now moved and streamed in first largest, BBC One. There's no doubt that the show will make much noise even more after two to three seasons.

While Fans are waiting for the Season 6 of the show, they were all put in shock that the release date of Season 6 will be postponed as they stopped shooting due to the Lockdown. Now all the fans are delighted with an Insta Post from our own Arthur Shelby Aka Paul Anderson.

The actor had posted pictures from the Show with a caption, "Ciao Bella, looks like he is somewhere in Small Heath getting ready for S6 @peakyblindersofficial @bellathorne @guyritchie @davidbeckham @peakyblindersofficial @lukashaas". The actor tagging Bella Thorne, Guy Ritchie and most importantly one of the world's favourite footballer David Beckham have put everyone who follows the show in paradise. Also, this has put a demise to the rumours of the American actress Bella Thorne acting in Season 6 of the show.


Looking at Beckham's tag on the past, we did basic research and got to know that it could either be a cameo or just a post as nothing can be claimed the official announcement. The footballer has already visited the sets of Peaky Blinders during the Season 5 Shoot. Also, fans of the soccer player are well aware that the player himself is a huge fan of the TV Show.

Now, the million-dollar mystery to be solved is whether DB7 is a part of the show or is it an unusual visit? Prominent Celebs has already done cameos in their favourite shows. Recent example anyone recognises is the Neymar's cameo in Money Heist. If becks, is going to follow the trend, it is going to double up the expectation of Season 6 of the show. Let's wait!

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