DC's Legends Of Tomorrow : S5 Review - A Hell of A Ride

DC's Legends Of Tomorrow : S5 Review - A Hell of A Ride
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The impressive and ever-expanding DC Comics universe is about to get a bit bigger and crazier. While Marvel absolutely dominates the big screen with its superheroes and makes inroads on the small screen, DC Comics has methodically created its parallel universe of comics on television and web-series with the "Arrow" and "Flash" series, which share the same creators. As we all know, Legends of Tomorrow is a result of this “Arrowverse” (the universe of characters from “Arrow” and “Flash”) where heroes and villains come together to form a super team: Legends of tomorrow. 

The visual dimension, the number of characters involved and the ambitious narrative are compelling reasons for those who appreciate the world of superheroes. The cast of actors did not enter the void wearing previously played roles, seizing the opportunity to deepen their characters by demonstrating another range of emotions they could not previously play in secondary roles. The dynamics between this broadcast tests the various egos, but the combination of the various personalities works surprisingly well, they work as a whole and there are no obstacles in this “brotherhood”. The characters are at the forefront with their various personal dilemmas creating empathy with viewers and the visual show is not just a prop but a necessary consequence being performed on the same level as a Hollywood overproduction. The narrative of being able to save the world but also the personal destiny of each character instils strength in the series. 

The first episode mixes adventure and action in an intriguing manner. The plot provides great moments of visual and thematic entertainment. What makes you watch the series, in general, is your love for characters, your connection with DC mythology, or the curiosity of what this team can do. So much budget will be allocated, it will offer more than visuals sooner than I think. Personally, I will continue the series and continue to provide you with episode analysis as much as possible. Already, if the series merges with the DC universe, the theme will continue its lifetime through its theme, but I wonder how far with these heroes. 

The episode definitely struggles occasionally but still ends up being an extremely fun piece of popcorn. While they take a lot of liberty with plausibility, the creators pay great attention to artistic direction. Despite somewhat disjointed and special effects betraying the limits of the production budget, this abundant series of ideas, staging a gallery of colourful characters, carefully filmed with fluid camera movements, with action scenes action well-choreographed, should satisfy fans of science fiction. It will raise the bar for sure. Expect nothing short of a mega-success. Now season 5 raises the bar, takes not a step or two, but a giant leap and adheres to superlative standards, in terms of execution. 

Luminous performances from the star cast, which in turn make these characters appear credible and relatable. Most importantly it sets the stage to yearn for more. The series will further push the envelope and emerge as a winsome experience. Kudos to director Gregory Smith! It is skillfully directed. 

Also, there are ample exhilarating moments that will send the viewers in frenzy. Several of the scenes are awe-inspiring. And, of course, the penultimate and ultimate moments are simply jaw-dropping. Thank you, DC for everything. It's been a hell of a ride! 

Rating: 4/5 

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