Deon Cole - Cole Hearted Review - Desperate effort to be funny

Deon Cole - Cole Hearted Review - Desperate effort to be funny
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This reviewer, for a fact, has watched a number of stand up comedy shows, both live and on TV. Interestingly, in India, the business of comedy has picked up only over the last decade. But honestly, well-scripted comedies involve showing society to a mirror reflection of the wrongdoings that desperately need correction or change. Netflix seems to have a good grasp of audience preference, which is why earlier on in the year, they went ahead with the famous Vir Das show, and have even got on with some Russel Peter’s. And this time around they’ve zeroed on Deon Cole. Speaking of Deon Cole, he was as implied, cold-hearted but not intelligent. The wit was alack. He touched upon the most pressing issue of racial behaviour. Well, a great issue to talk about, but somehow the script lacked the required spunk. Deon’s expression cracks you up, only slightly. Honestly, you feel he was simply investing in the facial expression because he didn’t have that unmatched script to maintain the flow. You may simply find yourself staring at the screen with a rather expressionless face because there is not a single pun or joke that the comedian is able to hold. The audience seemed to be bursting into peels of laughter, but perhaps that because they’ve been mildly buzzed, or could’ve been paid a few extra dollars for the laughter and cheer. The take on God’s glory was the only aspect that you may find unintentionally hilarious. It triggered a positive ripple of change. But again, if that point was better amplified, this guy would have notched a new high on the show. The sets were lovely, and nothing short of extravagant! The purple haze was dutifully emphasised with excellent lighting. The auditorium was packed! The hall was in a stir! (Sorry I take the liberty to quote of ‘The Lady’s Giant Hat’ by Harindranath Chattopadhyay) but the script and the act lacked the necessary spunk to hold even the viewers for that matter. Rating: 1.5/5

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