Detective Review: A classic detective tale told in the most entertaining way

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Detective Review: A classic detective tale told in the most entertaining way
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Mahimchandra craves a complex case to come his way so that he can prove his worth but his "Complicated case" produces complications in his own life.

Format:  Feature Film (Direct To OTT)
Platform:  HoiChoi
Movie Rated: 16+
Genre: Thriller, Drama, Romance
Language: Bengali
Digital Premiere Date: 14 August 2020

What is it about?
The movie is an adaptation of Rabindranath Tagore’s short story, ‘The Detective’. Tired of solving easy and boring cases, ambitious detective Mahimchandra gets involved in the suspicious activities of a hot-blooded college student Manmatha.

Driven by his hunger for solving crimes and caught in his own suspicions about Manmatha, Mahimchandra attempts to befriend him to extract more information and decipher the criminal revolutionary activities he is into. However, when Mahimchandra goes too far in unmasking the true intentions of Manmatha, he finds himself living a life of deceit, entangled in a mess of truths and lies.
The film has perfectly captured the essence of the pre-independence era, especially in the look of the characters. The movie also presents actor Anirban in a completely new avatar, and Saheb as a complex, yet a very pivotal character. The film is full of comical moments along with snippets of conflicts involving Manmath. The latter seems to be creating enough drama in his life, while Mahimchandra often slips up in his role as a detective at the opportune moment.  Detective, with its comic elements, is thrilling and fun. You actually start laughing when you see the investigation happen. But you kind of keep thinking about what is going to happen next. 
The film has Bengali actor Anirban Bhattacharya in the role of Mahimchandra, the protagonist of the film, Ishaa Saha as Sudhamukhi, his suspicious wife and Shaheb Bhattacharjee as Manmatha, the hot-blooded student activist. The film also stars other actors like Ambarish Bhattacharya as the detective’s sidekick and Trina Saha as a widow. There are interesting exchanges between Mahimchandra and his sidekick, which add to the comedy quotient of the film. We also see subtle romantic chemistry between Anirban and Isha. Anirban outshines everyone as he simply nails the part of Mahimchandra, the detective who reminds you of Sherlock Holmes. His pronunciation of the word ‘case’, his loud facial expressions and body language clearly establishes him as a desperate amateur who wants to put his skills to test. The rest of the cast too has done a fantastic job.
Music and other departments
The movie has excellent direction and cinematography. The sets look a lot like the times of the British era. The music composed by Joy Shankar is also very soothing and so very reminiscent of the times gone by. There is a lovely Rabindrosangeet also which you get to hear in the film. The makeup and costumes of the characters of the film are also on par. Special attention has been given to details so that the film does look like a period film. 
The movie has an excellent set up of the mystery and is presented in the perfect whodunnit way. It is a classical detective story, which you don't get to see nowadays. The movie will remind you of classic detective films made on Sherlock Holmes, Byomkesh Bakshy and Hercule Poirot. 
None to mention, everything was perfect in all the aspects of the film
Did I Enjoy It?
After a long time, I fully immersed myself in a classic whodunit film and I truly enjoyed it. The climax will truly surprise you and keep on the edge of your seats. 
Do I Recommend It?
Yes, It is totally a binge-watch for the weekend.

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