Dial 100 (2021) Review

Manoj Bajpayee and Neena Gupta are engaging in this average vigilante-thriller

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Dial 100 (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

Senior PI Nikhil Sood comes for duty to the Emergency Control Room, Mumbai Police as usual. While stuck in the middle of a squabble between his wife Prerna and his son Dhruv, Nikhil gets a call from a woman threatening to kill herself. However, as times goes on, Nikhil realizes the woman is not traumatized, and she is somehow connected to him and his family via a tragic event from their past. What happens now?


The thing about a good vigilante-thriller is that it must be engaging at the very least. Rensil D'Silva, who began his directorial career with Kurbaan in 2009, and his writer, Niranjan Iyengar, certainly had a very explosive premise on their hands. However, they waste so much time trying to establish the characters and the slow-burn narrative that Dial 100 becomes dull and lifeless by the halfway stage. Having solid actors in a film is a very good thing, but it is a bigger crime to give them a screenplay that hardly gives them anything to play with in terms of characterization. There's so much in the screenplay that will remind you of other similar films--A Wednesday, Wazir, Collar Bomb and so on--but the film struggles with its inconsistent pacing and is only engaging in the last 30 minutes.


Manoj Bajpayee and Neena Gupta are solid as Nikhil and Seema Pallav, the bereaved mother who decides to wreak havoc. Even though the screenplay fails them most of the time, their performances make the film worth a watch. Sakshi Tanwar doesn't get much scope as Prerna, Nikhil's wife. Svar Kamble is all right as Dhruv, Nikhil's son. Nandu Madhav is okay as Chandu. Urmila Mahanta and Yatendra Bahuguna are decent as Nikhil's colleagues Gayatri and Paresh.

Music & Other Departments

Raju Singh's background score is decent. Anuj Dhawan's cinematography is okay.


The last 30 minutes are the best of the film.


  • Pacing issues in the screenplay.
  • Weak characterization.

Did I enjoy it?

I enjoyed the last half-hour, to be honest.

Do I recommend it?

You can give it a watch for the performances. But as far as the story goes, you've seen better-executed thrillers before.

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