Dig Two Graves

Dig Two Graves
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Format: Feature Film
Platform: Shudder
Movie Rated: 16+
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Language: English
Digital Premiere Date: 29 June 2020


Synopsis : After her brother's tragic death a young girl meets three men who claim they can bring her brother back to life.
Cast : Ted Levine, Samantha Isler, Danny Goldring, Troy Ruptash, Rachael Drummond & others
Directors : Hunter Adams
Producer/s : P.J. Fishwick, Claire Connelly
Cinematographer (DoP) : Eric Maddison
Music : Brian Deming, Ryan Kattner, Joe Plummer

Movie Duration (minutes) : 85
Digital Premiere Date : June 29, 2020 Theater Release Date : March 24, 2017

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