Dil Bechaara Music Review: AR Rahman delivers an instantly addictive soundtrack thats sure to make it big!

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Dil Bechaara Music Review: AR Rahman delivers an instantly addictive soundtrack thats sure to make it big!

After 99 Songs earlier this year, AR Rahman is back with another album that chirps of love, love and nothing else. With fond memories of Sushant Singh Rajput in memory, the affinity towards this album has built up more. Here's our song-by-song review. 

Dil Bechaara: Singer - AR Rahman ????

AR Rahman, in his own vocals, gives us the perfect start to the album with this lilting and free-flowing track. The man's charming vocals get even better to listen to,  thanks to the arrangement of the song, which has a lot of pauses and stresses. 


Taare Ginn: Singers - Shreya Ghoshal, Mohit Chauhan ????

Rahman takes us back to the melodies of his prime with this lovely track that has a lot of mellifluous layers in the background, along with expectedly superb vocals from both Shreya Ghoshal and Mohit Chauhan. So much to like about this one. 


Khulke Jeene Ka: Singers - Arijit Singh, Shashaa Tirupati ????

Easily the best song from the soundtrack on the first hearing, getting onto you immediately. Rahman's instrumentations are pitch-perfect here, and Arijit leaves no stone unturned in taking to the lyrics to another level here with his variations. 


Main Tumhara: Singers - Hriday Gattani, Jonita Gandhi ????

A song that slowly increases its pace, with the raises in the vocal setup gaining mercury gradually. The idea of the chant-like rendition works wonders here, and there are no complaints about the fourth time in a row.


Maskhari: Singers - Hriday Gattani, Sunidhi Chauhan ???? 

Masakali, Matargashti and now Maskhari. Rahman is back with the mischievous and playful mood in this highly enjoyable track where Sunidhi Chauhan simply takes the cake. Great fun!


Afreeda: Singers - Sana Moussa, Rajakumaari 

Fusion is the descriptive word here, where an Arabic tune takes a rap bit head-on. Interesting, but not too catchy. 


Mera Naam Kizie: Singers - Aditya Narayanan, Poorvi Koutish ????

This would have been the original title track of the film, had its initial title been in place. Both Aditya and Poorvi do a fabulous job on the vocals, with the 'Mein Din Hoon' portion striking it well. 


Friendzone: Singer - AR Rahman ????

Time to go wow again as Rahman grabs the mic, for this energetic rehash of the title track. The synths put to use are trendy and cool, helping us adapt to the tune quickly. 


The Horizon of Saudade: Instrumental ????

Rahman has always been excellent with these mellow compositions that come without any lyrics, and boy he lets out another superb one here. The calm and soothing feel is prevalent for the entire track. 

On the whole, Dil Bechaara is a solid soundtrack from the master, who proves his class with a lovable assemblage of tunes which all have enough exclusivity and punch to impress the listener. Set aside some time to enjoy this album. 


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