Dirty John Season 2

Dirty John Season 2


Format:   Original Series
Platform:   Netflix
Movie Rated:   16+
Genre:   Crime, Anthology
Language:   English
Digital Premiere Date:   14 August 2020

Synopsis : how a romance with the charismatic John Meehan spiraled into secrets, denial, manipulation, and ultimately, survival – with horrific consequences for an entire family.
Cast : Amanda Peet, Christian Slater, Rachel Keller, Lily Donoghue , Missi Pyle, Emily Bergl , Holley Fain, Lena Georgas ,Miles Emmons, Tiera Skovbyeas, Chris Mason, Cameron Crovetti, Anna Jacoby-Heron
Producer/s : Melinda Whitaker, Christopher Goffard, Nan Bernstein Freed ,Jonathan Talbert
Cinematographer (DoP) : Todd McMullen, Elie Smolkin
Production House : Atlas Entertainment, Los Angeles Times Studios, Pacesetter , Nutmegger,Universal Content Studios
Total number of seasons : 2 Total number of episodes : 16
Season No.: 2 No. of episodes this season : 8
Digital Premiere Date : August 14, 2020

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