Disney+ doesn’t offer this option anymore.

Rhea Srivastava -

Disney+ doesn’t offer this option anymore.

Free trials are almost a standard practise, not just in the world of streaming services, but any other subscription-based service as well. But the new kid on the block, Disney+, isn’t one to run with the crowd. Even though the service did offer a free trial of 7 days to new subscribers until now, this promotion has ended now.

A representative from Disney cited their reasons - the fact that elimination of a free trial allows the service to offer other kinds of promotions to new and existing customers, and widen the sphere of their marketing. At the moment, Disney+ is set at a $7 per month fee which a subscriber can cancel any time. It is always a possibility, though, that a similar trial could come up yet again when the company hits new markets or gains other partnerships. We are unsure of how this affects their India tie-up with Hotstar.   

The cancellation of the option has been in the talks for a while but it comes just two weeks before the release (and world premiere) of Hamilton, the official filmed version of the original Broadway cast performing the Tony Award-winning musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda about the founding fathers of the USA. The film was slated for an October 2021 theatrical release but the coronavirus pandemic prompted the stakeholders to release it online more than a year in advance. 

Apart from this, we can’t ignore the logistic advantages to eradicating free trials. The system no longer has to assess how many trial customers actually convert to paid subscriptions, avoiding any forecast-based promotions, and also doesn’t allow for customers just using the system for a one-off view or via multiple logs in channels. It also suggests that the service is confident in its strategy and catalogue to gain permanent customers. Disney+ maybe a new player but it has been a high-profile participant in the game ever since it was first announced. In unprecedented numbers, the subscription was taken up by 54.5 million people in just a few months of launch. 

This change may arise from the rapid growth that the company has observed, even if it's not a popular choice. But fans needn’t worry, if you do end up signing on and not really enjoy what the service has to offer, you can always cancel within a month. 

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