Disney+ rumored to cast this actor as Ezra Bridger in 'Ahsoka'

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Disney+ rumored to cast this actor as Ezra Bridger in 'Ahsoka'

If reports are to be believed, it has been rumoured that 'Aladdin' star Mena Massoud is set to portray the character Ezra Bridger in Disney+ Star Wars series offshoot 'Ahsoka'. According to a Kessel Run Transmissions live stream, the hosts announced that Masoud will be gearing up to play Bridger. The actor, who was last in the Disney live-action film 'Aladdin' as the titular character, will be portraying the space con-man some saying that Disney has been right to cast Massoud as "The Aladdin" would now be playing 'space-Aladdin'. This announcement can mean a great deal for not only the steamer and the Star Wars universe but also for the actor himself who due to certain complications, with many speculating it to be about Hollywood's toxic whitewashing policy that the actor was not able to be back on screen again. Casting Massoud will also be beneficial for the Star Wars universe as the series would then be fruitfully diverse and true to its origins. Although the rumour mills seem to be buzzing at full speed, it is yet to be sure as there has been o word from the official channels regarding this. 

Check out the YouTube video below! 

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