Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Review

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol is extremely warm and romantic with adorable performances.

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Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Review
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What is the story about?

The series tells the story of Goo Ra Ra (Ara Go) who becomes the victim of the ill-fate where she goes from riches-to-rags losing everything. But she embarks on a journey with hope looking for a guardian angel who calls out to her during her trying times. The series is written by Oh Ji-young and directed by Kim Min-kyeong.


Korean romantic series have always garnered traction for their genuine emotions they project in their work. If you ask someone who is familiar with Korean dramas, they’ll definitely vouch for it. I’m sure they’re not exaggerating because they surpass the romantic films we watch from Hollywood, Bollywood or Kollywood. They’ve mastered the art of making romantic dramas and films. Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol is one such beautiful series that keeps you invested in it emotionally and romantically.
It grabs your attention right from the first episode and maintains it throughout the season with suspense, romance, and drama. Romantic dramas usually tend to overdo the emotions leaving the essence of it high and dry. But in this series, it’s so convincing that you relate to the emotions and start to feel the characters as the makers intended it to be. The actors are seen competing with each other and outdoing performances. It was hard for me to wait for new episodes every week, unfortunately, all the episodes were not available to binge through. The good news is, you can binge them continuously without having to wait. Each episode runs for an hour but you don’t feel the length due to the impeccable performances and beautiful writing.  
I was a bit disappointed that the series came to an end. Of course, it’s a subject that can’t be dragged, and appreciate that the makers didn’t drag for the sake of it. I’m sure this series will entertain you endlessly, as there’s a lot of comedy which was tastefully infused into the romance and drama. You’ll see a lot of Indian emotional traits in the series and few instances remind of KJo’s films which have a typical setup of family and characters. But K-Series shines above them with great integrity and keeps you invested throughout the season.


I may not be a die-hard fan of Korean series or films but I do love them for their commendable efforts in delivering quality content. This series in particular makes you fall in love with each and every character you come across during the entire season. Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol has an extremely beautiful cast that knew the integrity of emotions and delivered them with utmost diligence.
You can’t escape the charm of Ara Go (Goo Ra Ra), she’s so pure and innocent that you forget all the negativity around for the duration you watch her on-screen. Her teary-eyes with a sweet smile always light up your day with hope. She was remarkable with her performance and makes such a huge impact as a performer. Jae-Wook Lee (Sunwoo Joon) is a romantic lead any romantic film/series strongly demands. He has this charm that is quite hard for the women to resist making them swoon in love.
But these two alone didn’t make this series a great watch. The supporting actors were amazing, each and everyone get imprinted on your mind leaving a strong impression. For instance, Ye Ji-won (Jin Sook-kyeong) and Shin Eun-soo (Jin Ha-Yeong) the mother and daughter were extremely adorable. The casting of this series surely is one of the highlights of the series.

Music & Other Departments

The music was tastefully composed, despite the language barriers you tend to fall in love with the songs. And the mellow background score is soothing to your ears. The cinematography was brilliant so was the seamless editing.


There one too many highlights but I’ll keep it short. The cast was talented bunches who were extremely adorable and delivered commendable performances. And the writing was impeccable and beautiful that makes you fall in love with its characters and story.



Did I enjoy it?

I loved the series, and can’t get over it.

Do I recommend it?

A much-needed dose of romance that was missing from the online platforms for a while and Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, gives you many reasons to fall in love with it. Definitely worth a watch, don’t miss it if you’re a fan of K-Series and the genre.

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