Do not disturb review- A disturbance worthy of your time

Do not disturb review- A disturbance worthy of your time
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Production House: Entertainment Network India Ltd. Cast: Manasi Parekh Gohil, Malhar Thakar, Dialogues: Nehal Bakshi, and Mitai Shukla Music: Aakash – Akshay Cinematography: Sree Kumar Nair Editing: Prateek Gupta Producers: Sandip Raval Director: Sandeep Patel Genre: Romantic-Comedy, Family Drama Story: This is a sweet story about a young couple and the cute little things that go on to make the institution of marriage a worthwhile. Meera (Manasi Parekh Gohil) is born and brought up in the bustling financial capital of Mumbai, while Maulik (Meera’s husband, played by Malher Thaker) is raised in Ahmedabad, and is running a successful business. The modern couple faces the everyday challenge of living in a society that rife with its traditional, ritualistic ways. Young and modern Meera is expected to comply with all her social responsibilities, and her doting husband dutifully comprehends his wife’s comforts and discomforts, making her life as easy as possible, in every way that he can. The series comes alive with the typical ‘Amdavadi’ (Heavy Gujarati with defined guttural sounds) intonation. The stars beautifully support one another to make this an interesting watch. Season one has six short, yet very hooking episodes. Each episode circumvents around different instances, propelling viewers to binge-watch the entire series in a go! Direction: Sandeep Patel has successfully managed to deliver viewers to the quirks in every marriage. He has also beautifully sussed out the secret of success to every modern marriage, seamlessly maintaining the traditional aspects of the same. Premier date: July 26, 2019 Artistes’ Performances: Manasi is a natural. She is quirky and very diplomatically brings her husband back on track. She has delivered the transition from being that modern advanced, working wife, to being the perfect fix in a relatively orthodox family very beautifully indeed. Malher has played the typical Ahmedabad residing, modern doting husband. He can get someone to laugh with the intonation he incorporates in his dialogue. The duo complements each other well, totally having the audience burst into peels of laughter. Technical Merit: The lights have been perfectly angled to suggest the mood and the light-heartedness of the plot. Dialogues: Relatable, simple, and easy to follow. This especially holds for a young Generation Z Gujarati. Cinematography: Simple and insightful all the same. It positions the protagonists well. Music: Hilarious and timely! Editing: Simply flawless, ensuring the smooth progression of the plot. Production standards: One cannot state its exquisite, but it is quite up to the mark, as the team has managed to dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s. Highlights: The series is young and fresh and can lure the youth into watching something like this. The dialogues are easy to catch up on. The humour is bang on! Drawback: Variety is the spice of life! The protagonists have beautifully carried this series off, but more characters would’ve added more variety, enriching the very being of the entire production. Analysis: The series is young and light-hearted! It is indeed refreshing. This isn’t exactly a no-brainer; but a very light-hearted, relatable, cute couple story. Perhaps something that everyone witnessed in his or her life, with a sheer twist of humour. The protagonists have beautifully highlighted the difference; yet emerge as one solid entity in a matter of six episodes only. Icing on the cake: Perfect butter-flavoured popcorn with an audible crunch. Rating: 3.5/5

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