Double Dad Review

The sweet and soothing search of a daughter

Double Dad Review
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Directed by Cris D’Amato, Double Dad is a Portuguese film starring Maisa Silva, Eduardo Moscovis, Marcelo Medici, Pedro Ottoni and others. The movie was a direct OTT release on Netflix and premiered on the 15th of January.


What is the story about?

Double Dad is the story of 18 year old Vicenza, who wishes to meet her dad for every birthday. Vicenza and her mother belong to a hippie commune. When her mother takes off to India for a visit, Vicenza finds one of her mother’s hidden treasures and takes off on a journey to Rio de Janeiro in search of her father. Once there, she meets a man named Paco, who could have the possibilities of being her father. Paco is a painter who seems to be having an artist’s block for the past five years and struggles to maintain his abilities. Vicenza gets close with Paco after letting him know that he could be her biological father. In the place where Vicenza stays, she finds photos of another man, Giovanne, who could also have the possibilities of being her father. Vicenza goes in search of Giovanne, finds him and develops a fatherly bond with him too. Confused between the possibilities of either of them being a father, Vicenza has the time of her life in Rio de Janeiro, making memories, finding love and a family.


Double Dad is a sweet tale of Vicenza which holds a lot of emotions and love. The father-daughter bond that the movie conveys is beautiful and makes you watch the movie in awe. The movie contains a lot of cute and chirpy moments with Vicenza’s character making you smile in many places. Double Dad is fun with a lot of adventurous and creative moments. The movie is colourful and will have you going through it in ease. It also highlights a lot of Brazilian traditions and cultures and contains many great tunes. The portions where Vicenza makes friends and develops relationships with the people she stays are heart-warming and proves that she is a charmer and loves to keep everyone happy. However, Double Dad lacks the excitement of the search and the thrill that could have made it better in terms of Vicenza’s search and the long travel that she goes through to find her father.


Maisa impresses as Vicenza with her chirpy and adorable attitude and smile. She is a stunner throughout the film with her innocent and emotional self. Eduardo as Paco is funny in many places which makes the movie all the more entertaining. Marcelo’s character as Giovanne seemed stern and strict in the beginning but he turned out to be a sweetheart as the movie progressed.

Music & Other Departments

The movie had a fantastic background score with many sweet and soothing tunes. All the other departments of the film fit the bill.


Double Dad is a warm and fun movie to watch with the perfect balance of emotions, comedy and family relationships. The father-daughter bond that Vicenza develops with both the men is just too sweet to handle.


The movie could have been more exciting as it is the search for Vicenza’s biological father. Double Dad lacked the suspense and the hold that such a movie is expected to have.

Did I enjoy it?

Despite the fact that the movie lacked the excitement of a search, Double Dad was entertaining and cute in a plethora of places and it is sure to make you smile.


Do I recommend it?

Yes. Double Dad is a charming watch with a lot of comedy and cute moments. The film holds a strong feel-good factor.

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