Ek Jhoothi Love Story Review

A bitter-sweet slice-of-life story

Aparnna Hajirnis -

Ek Jhoothi Love Story Review
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What is the story about?

Two individuals, Salma and Bilal want to find life partners on an online app. For that, they create fake identities and indulge in 'catfishing' each other. 


After the thumping success of 'Churails', we are introduced to yet another Pakistani show 'Ek Jhoothi Love Story'. While 'Ek Jhoothi Love Story' isn't as intense or serious as 'Churails', it still manages to put forth certain viewpoints albeit in a subtle way. It is a  light-hearted relationship and family series, that explores dating, marriage with a very 2020 lens. Even though the show opens with a shot of Harry and Meghan Markle, we are introduced to the backstory of the Pakistani middle-class lives and values. It is peppered with social media presence and how it continues to rule our lives and even the choices we make. The series also throws light on toxic masculinity and patriarchy and offers fresh perspectives on dating and relationships. 


The series has a stellar star cast comprising of Bilal Abbas Khan and Madiha Imam in the lead, and Kiran Haq, Hina Bayaat, Mariam Saleem, Beo Raana Zafar, Mohammed Ahmed and Fawad Khan in supporting roles. All the characters are given a lot of quirky and spunky lines that make it an extremely delightful watch. The leads, of course, Bilal and Madiha outshine. 

Music & Other Departments

There are a lot of contemporary songs that are played in the background during the run of the series. Director Mehreen Jabbar has presented us with a simple, yet compelling story. While we have seen various shows and movies on online dating, it is the treatment and execution of the story that makes 'Ek Jhoothi Love Story' stand out from its predecessors.


The series highlights how women lives are still ruled by stereotypes and age-old traditions, even in a country across the border. It also highlights the impact social media has on our personal lives and how it governs the choices we make.


The series has 18-episodes in the first season. That makes it extremely painful to sit and watch all of it. We wish it could have been edited properly and been turned into a 10-episode series or a 3-hour movie. For an 18-episode series, it has very sparsely distributed content. 

Did I enjoy it?

I loved it! I only wish for it to have been shorter by at least 7-8 episodes. I spent over 12 hours trying to binge-watch it.

Do I recommend it?

Go for it! It is an excellent watch, even though you may not be able to finish it in one go. 

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