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Ek Thi Begum

Ek Thi Begum
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  • Director(s) :

    Sachin Darekar

    Producer(s) :

  • Cast :

    Anuja Sathe, Ankitt Mohan, Santtosh Juvekar, Vijay Nikam, Abhijeet B Chavan, Chinmay Deepak Mandlekar, Rajendra Shisatkar & others

  • Cinematographer (DoP) :

    Music Director :

  • Production House :


The untold story of a Begum who challenged the king of the underworld!

Episodic Synopsis


Episode 1 - The Big Mistake

The animosity between Maqsood gang and Zaheer Bhatkar takes an ugly turn when Raghu Mhatre, a daring gangster of Maqsood gang and most importantly brother of Nana Mhatre gets killed in a shootout with Zaheer Bhatkar.

This turns around the lives of everyone including Ashraf, the loving wife of Zaheer. The new chapter of rivalry begins.

Episode 2 - The Turning Point

The news of Ashraf’s pregnancy brings happiness in Zaheer and Ashraf’s lives. The celebration takes ugly turn with a nasty attack from Nana Mhatre gang. Ashraf somehow survives with her baby. Finally, after many altercations Zaheer takes the brave decision to quit the underworld.

Episode 3 - The Naked Truce

When Nana Mhatre is planning to take a revenge, Maqsood spreads a smart trap for Zaheer. When Zaheer is busy meeting Maqsood in Dubai, Nana eliminates his entire gang with help of corrupt cop, inspector Tawde. While coming back to home, Zaheer gets kidnapped from the airport right in front of Ashraf.

Episode 4 - The Big Hunt

Inspector Tawde plays dirty. Kidnapped Zaheer is in his costudy. Tawde demands ransom from Zaheer’s family for his safety and takes a huge amount from Nana Mhatre for his death. Zaheer fights back hard. But finally, Nana Mhatre kills Zaheer brutally. Ashraf gets the biggest shock of her life.

Episode 5 - The Turmoil

Devastated Ashraf decides to fight back. A young and dynamic journalist Anjali meets Ashraf. Ashraf reveals everything in front of her. Anjali exposes inspector Tawde and Bhoir in a big way. Inspector Tawde comes to know about the connection between Ashraf and Anjali.

Episode 6 - The Defeat

Ashraf tries to fight back. She files a case against the corrupt cops and Nana Mhatre in the court of law. But due to the nexus between these gang lords and corrupt politicians, Ashraf faces the defeat in the court. After dramatic court room drama, sub inspector Vikram Bhosle arrests Iqbal Khan, the only eye witness of Zaheer’s killing.

Episode 7 - The Tranformation

Ashraf tries to meet Maqsood’s opponent Bhai Chavan to make a syndicate against a common enemy. But he denies the collaboration. The miscarriage makes Ashraf’s situation even more miserable. She decides to take revenge herself and joins a dance bar as a dancer. In the whole new world, she gets her new identity, Sapna.

Episode 8 - The Honey Trap

Sapna’s magic starts working on Sawtya, a sharp shooter from Nana Mhatre gang. For sexual pleasures from Sapna, intoxicated Sawtya fires bullet on Tandel, the close aid of Bhai Chavan. Further Ashraf instigates him to open a wild firing on Tawde and Bhoir. This creates a huge animosity between Nana Mhatre gang and Tawde. Ashraf’s plan starts working.

Episode 9 - The Taste Of Blood

Ashraf takes her first brutal move and kills Bhoir in the hospital. Then she plays a smart game and invites absconding Sawtya in a hotel for sexual pleasures. Sawtya falls for the honey trap. Ashraf has planned something unexpected and brutal for him. But unfortunately Ashraf’s plan fails and puts her in a miserable condition.

Episode 10 - The Game Becomes Ugly

Ashraf gets out of the difficult situation fortunately. Sawtya, her one more culprit gets eliminated. Ashraf’s first face off with Nana Mhatre happens. Bala Mama, another close aid of Bhai Chavan comes to know about the real identity of Sapna. Ashraf uses this as an advantage and informs Nana Mhatre about Bala Mama. He gets killed brutally by Nana’s men. Now Ashraf enters into the den of Nana.

Episode 11 - The Ultimate Seduction

Nana is die hard woman hater. But Ashraf crosses all the boundaries to attract and seduce Nana Mhatre. Finally, her seduction wins over and Ashraf becomes very close to him. She gives tip off as Sapna to Vikram Bhosle about Nana’s drug consignment. Now Ashraf is getting ready to play the bigger game.

Episode 12 - The Big Catch

Ashraf reaches up to the home minister, Ganpatrao Kadam. Seduces him to the core and tips off Vikram about the huge stock of drugs at his farm house. Vikram raids the place and along with the drugs, also catches the killers of the mill worker union leader, Waman Joshi. Finally, when Vikram raids Nana Mhatre’s house gets shocked to see Ashraf there.

Episode 13 - The Countdown Begins

Nana gets arrested by Vikram. But he notices the connection between Vikram and Sapna. The home minister gets exposed in media, creates a big showdown. Nana asks Tawde to dig out more information about Sapna. Simultaneously Bhai Chavan is trying really hard to reach up to Sapna. Ashraf and Vikram gets married. Nana gets bailed out from the court. He threatens Vikram that he will kill Sapna brutally.

Episode 14 - The Final Encounter

Ashraf is planning Maqsood’s elimination in Sharjah stadium where he is supposed to come to watch India Pakistan cricket match. Tawde comes to know Sapna’s real identity. Ashraf eliminates him brutally. Then she manages to call Nana and Bhai at Sassoon docks. Vikram also reaches there. A big encounter happens there between Nana, Bhai and the cops. Nana gets seriously injured in the attack. Finally, unknown men attacks Ashraf at her home brutally. She is on the edge of life and death.


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