Eken Babu S5 Review

A weakly-written season is rescued by an energetic Anirban Chakrabarti

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Eken Babu S5 Review
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What is the story about?

Jagadish Narayan Chowdhury, a retired zamindar, lives in Bolpur, and is in possession of a rare red diamond, for which a lot of people are after him. Suresh Mitra, his accountant, approaches Eken Babu and Bapi, and requests them to come to Bolpur in order to ensure the diamond remains safe. However, after their arrival in Bolpur, Jagadish is shot dead, and Suresh is found gagged and dead in an outhouse. Eken Babu and Bapi team up with Rupal, who has now been transferred to the West Bengal Police in Bolpur, to solve this case, but they keep running into one obstacle after another.


Hoichoi's homegrown answer to Hercule Poirot has now entered its fifth season, and you begin to understand why this show clicks with audiences every time. The combination of a garrulous man who loves eating and mysteries (not necessarily in that order), and the prospect of investigating a case in a location removed from Kolkata, feels like the ideal Durga Puja treat. In that sense, director Anirban Maulik and writer Padmanabha Dasgupta don't try to reinvent the story, but keep all the elements intact. In that sense, even though this is a brand-new mystery, the combination of Eken Babu, Bapi and Rupal keep things ticking along.
However, the story in Season 5 moves at a slow pace, compared to Seasons 3 & 4. It seems Eken Babu's idiosyncrasies are highlighted more, at the cost of the story, which suffers from weak writing in the last couple of episodes. It seems as if the makers ran out of stuff to say by Episode 4, and the last two episodes become like fillers in that sense. Eken Babu is alive and kicking, but you wish the story had more meat. Nevertheless, those who like detective fiction that's not too challenging can give this a watch.


Anirban Chakrabarti keeps your interest from flagging, bringing his A-game to his portrayal of Eken Babu. Shoumo Banerjee is dependable as Bapi, while Shreya Sinha is solid as Rupal. Soumya Sengupta is all right as Jagadish Narayan, while Ujan Chatterjee excels as a nosy toto-driver in Shantiniketan. The rest of the cast is okay.

Music & Other Departments

Subhadeep Guha's background score is perfunctory. The cinematography and editing are okay.


Anirban Chakrabarti's turn as Eken Babu anchors this season.


Weak writing in the second half drags the season down.

Did I enjoy it?

I found the whole season okay, but Seasons 3 and 4 still remain the best in the series.

Do I recommend it?

You can give this a watch if you love Eken Babu's antics.

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