Elite Season 3 Review- Salacious and deep

Elite Season 3 Review- Salacious and deep
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On paper, Elite doesn’t seem much of a promising show. Who wants to see a bunch of rich kids at a private school tearing each other apart? But one glance into the Spanish TV drama’s perfectly crafted world of sex, lies, and murder and it’s impossible not to get hooked onto it. 

In season one, it was revealed who killed the popular, tragic Marina and whose death was the central plot point, is Polo (Álvaro Rico), one of the school’s golden boys and the best friend of Marina’s brother, Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau). Season two followed Guzmán and Samuel (Itzan Escamilla), a scholarship student and Marina’s former boyfriend, in a convoluted scheme to take Polo down. The season finale showed Carla, Polo’s ex-girlfriend, finally revealing to investigators that Polo had committed the crime. There was only one problem—detectives still hadn’t located the murder weapon. Cayetana (Georgina Amorós), Polo’s new girlfriend, had made the move to hide it in her home. With the entire case hinging on Carla’s testimony, Polo is allowed to return to Las Encinas.

As for season three, the first two minutes depict a young man crashing through shattered glass and falling from the second story of a club balcony, smack into the middle of the dance floor, as revellers shriek in horror. The identities of the new victim and murderer, as well as how this all ties back to Marina, are the major driving force in this new batch of episodes.

From class differences, poverty, racial injustice, and LGBTQ themes, the show takes on issues that resonate with the youth. Sure, it may come in an unwaveringly glossy package and dressed in vintage Chanel, but in its underbelly lays a gritty sense of realism that isn’t afraid to push the envelope.

As with its first two seasons, Elite returns with another shocking crime that sees the students scrambling to place blame and find the culprit – alongside that utterly useless detective who, yet again, finds herself at the end of endless sassy retorts from teenagers half her age. It’s these moments where the show descends into a gritty telenovela that make it so wildly enjoyable.

Our Take 
Now that you are going to be stuck home for at least 15 days, we suggest you definitely binge-watch this show. 

Rating 3/5

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