Every Thalapathy Vijay film, RANKED!

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Every Thalapathy Vijay film, RANKED!

Thalapathy Vijay’s career is an interesting one to look at. The actor has carefully built his graph with a wide variety of films across genres, and though he didn’t taste big success at the start, the position he has right now is exclusive to him alone.

Thalapathy Vijay’s films have turned out to different box office results over the course of his career, but there are a lot of his films which won’t tire you out even after repeated viewings. On the account of his birthday, we at LetsOTT bring out the list of his 63 films, ranked from least likeable to the best. Read on to see where your favourites stand.

63. Sura (2010)

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The 50th film in Vijay’s career, and just what the actor didn’t want as his landmark. Except for Mani Sharma’s songs, nothing really worked out in Sura, an outdated commercial entertainer. 

62. Vasantha Vaasal (1996)

An infamous outing which the actor would have wished not being a part of today. Except for the once in a blue moon telecast in Raj TV, the film has nothing to recollect.


61. Chandralekha (1995)

Another forgettable film for Vijay which didn’t crack the code at the box office.

60. Selva (1996)

A tepid film which did not make it to the mark of success. Of course, any 90s kid would remember the famous Chicken Kari song from the film.


59. Deva (1995)

A drama centred on three individuals in a single city, it had Vijay and Swathi playing a pair.

58. Vishnu (1995)

Despite the Thotta Betta Song in Vijay's voice, this film is a forgettable one for anyone involved.


57. Kaalamellam Kaathiruppen (1997)

A romantic drama that didn’t manage to hit the right chords, and sunk at the box office.

56. Endrendrum Kadhal (1999)

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Except for Banupriya's comeback and the chartbuster songs, the film had nothing to offer and eventually became a box office failure.


55. Senthoorapandi (1993)

Another lukewarm outing for the star which didn’t make much of a noise. Vijaykanth and Gouthami had cameo appearances here.


54. Rajavin Parvaiyile(1995)

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It is a shocking fact that the film featuring two leading stars of this generation was a disaster at the box office due to the botched up screenplay. Still, the film is watched by the millennials now, taking a look at what their favourite stars were up to during the 90s.


53. Maanbimugu Maanavan (1996)

Vijay tried a different makeover for this college-based drama that has a couple of good songs.

52. Naalaiya Theerpu (1992)

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It is indeed a bummer that Thalapathy Vijay's first film was a disaster at the box office. The actor himself has acknowledged it at a recent event. Ignoring the fact that the film was the first in the star's career, this is a vile creative product.


51. Puli (2015)

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Puli is Vijay’s biggest disappointment in recent years, a big-budget fantasy drama that never managed to excite.


50. Villu (2009)

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Director Prabhu Deva's second outing with Thalapathy Vijay after Pokkiri did not perform well at the box office due to a non-engaging screenplay and a very puny flashback. Though the songs were chartbusters the film failed on the Pongal day of 2009.


49. Rasigan (1994)

Rasigan is Vijay’s first hit at the box office, giving him the name Ilaya Thalapathy. The actor also made his singing debut through the song Bombay City Sukka Roti

48. Bairavaa (2017)

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With Thalapathy Vijay on the zenith of his career in 2017, he announced that he will be joining hands with Bharathan who made Azhagiya Tamizh Magan in 2007. The news did shock the whole industry and the director ingested a very average narrative, making the film just a passable one in the actor's career.


47. Udhaya (2004)

AR Rahman’s songs are the silver lining in this lukewarm film from Azhagam Perumal.

46. Aathi (2006)

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Another remake, which was released for the year's Pongal and did not succeed at the box office due to the boring narrative. Director Ramana's second outing with Thalapathy Vijay after Thirumalai. However, the film's music is still apprehended by the fans of the actor.


45. Sukran (2005)

Vijay played an extended guest appearance as a lawyer in this film starring Ravi Krishna and Anita. It was directed by Vijay’s father, SA Chandrasekhar. Despite a few good scenes, the majority of the film turned out to be a cheesy one.

44. Nilaave Vaa (1998)

A sentimental piece which didn’t accomplish the appropriate tertiary, and eventually slanted at the movie halls. Vidhyasagar's song did well at the K-Town's billboard as Akkuthe and Chandira Mandalathai were trending on FM stations those days. The film is a reason for the actor to have a stronghold now amidst the fishermen community.


43. Coimbatore Maapillai (1996)

A basic love story centred on Vijay and Saindhavi, which bit the dust for most parts.


42. Azhagiya Tamil Magan (2007)

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This Diwali release was very crucial as it was released after Pokkiri and also it locked horns with Suriya's Vel. Unfortunately, with the fantasy ideas of the film, it did not work out in favor of the actor. Though the film had some enthralling songs from Academy Award Winner AR Rahman, the film did not perform as it was expected to do.


41. Jilla (2014)

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Vijay and Mohanlal came together for this middling mass entertainer that was enjoyable in parts. Imman’s songs are still regulars on radio stations though!

40. Pudhiya Geethai (2003)

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This 2003 Summer Release had high expectations from the family audiences, but the preachy climax spoiled the whole outing and made it a below-average outing. The film is the only collaboration of the actor with Yuvan Shankar Raja.


39. Nenjinile (1999)

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Vijay joined hands with actors such as Isha Koppikar, Sonu Sood and others for this gangster drama that had him giving a good performance.

38. Priyamudan (1998)

This was the only completely grey-shaded role that Thalapathy Vijay has ever picked in his career (ATM was partial right?). The film did average business at the box office but the actor was highly lauded for his performance


37. Bagavathi (2002)

Bagavathi may not have had great shakes at the box office, but it is remembered for its face-off scenes between Vijay and Ashish Vidhyarthi.

36. Madhurey (2004)

This August release was released in the same year as Ghilli, which was a huge blockbuster. Amidst high expectations, the film faced mixed reviews and didn’t perform well at the box office. Songs became hits on the charts but the film did not.

35. Thamizhan (2002)

Priyanka Chopra made her debut with this Vijay starrer that had him playing the role of a lawyer. This film has its own niche fan base amidst Vijay fans.

34. Youth (2002)

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With the usual love story and chartbuster songs of Mani Sharma, the film performed decently at the box office. It was a remake of Trivikram's Chirru Navvuto. 


33. Kuruvi (2008)

Dharani’s Kuruvi is a film that takes off in good fashion but unfortunately loses its way in the second half. The Vijay-Trisha pair and Vidyasagar’s gifts are the biggest plus points.

32. Sarkar (2019)

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Thalapathy Vijay joined hands with AR Murugadoss for the third time and the project was bankrolled by Sun Pictures. The film turned out to be a big box office blockbuster due to the release date, but it did not satisfy anybody but the fans. A passable flick which was classified as one of the weakest films from the director.


31. Vettaikaran (2009)

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Quite an enjoyable commercial entertainer from Vijay, with memorable songs and elevation sequences galore. A good watch even today, when it comes on TV.

30. Kannukkul Nilavu (2000)

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Fazil's second outing with Thalapathy Vijay after Kadhaluku Mariyathai did not perform well at the theatres though the film had a scintillating performance from the actor himself and splendid melodies from the music director Ilayaraja. This flick is credited as the 25th film of Thalapathy Vijay and the first of the millennium. Any fans for Nilavu Pattu?


29. Vaseegara (2003)

Vaseegara turned out to be a nice little family drama featuring Vijay, Sneha and some really good songs. A watchable emotional ride, even today.

28. Sivakasi (2005)

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 A mass entertainer with the tale set in the southern region of the state, laced with a usual commercial template, scored another century run for the actor. It is to be remarked that it is the collaboration of Thalapathy Vijay with Director Perarasu and it broke the myth that Vijay cannot hit a sixer with the same director twice.


27. Kaavalan (2011)

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After making a terrible decision in Sura, Vijay turned around his career with a sweet romantic drama in Kaavalan, joining hands with Siddique. A different film from the actor when his career was going all masala.

26. Once More (1997)

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Legendary actor Sivaji Ganesan and Thalapathy Vijay shared screen space for the first-ever time. The natural acting of the duo made this film a memorable outing for everyone who watched the flick. It is also to be noted that Vijay is the only actor of this generation who has acted with the legendary actor Sivaji Ganesan.


25. Ninaithen Vandhaai (1998)

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Deva’s songs and the trio of Vijay, Ramba and Devayani are the highlights of this cute feel-good film that was produced by now popular producer, Allu Aravind.

24. Poove Unakkaga (1996)

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 Vikraman's natural narrative with S.A.Rajkumar's chartbuster melodies paved the way for Thalapathy Vijay's first blockbuster in his career. It is also to be noted that this film is the first time that the actor worked with a leading director.


23. Minsara Kanna (1999)

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Right now, Parasite is the word which comes to our mind when we think of this film. But that does not take away the fact that Minsara Kanna is indeed a neat entertainer.

22. Velayudham (2012)

Velayudham arrived at a crucial stage in the actor's career. The film released for the year's Diwali opposite Suriya's 7aum Arivu. The film ended up as a super hit at the box office. A neat, commercial entertainer with chartbuster songs made this film memorable one. Vijay’s moves in the opening number are unforgettable.

21. Shahjahan (2001)

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One of Vijay’s most underrated films, which developed a fan following a lot of years later. The negative ending was not liked by many during the release, but people do relate to it now.

20. Love Today (1997)

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Thalapathy Vijay's chemistry with Legendary Actor Raghuvaran and the friendship scenes of the actor with "Shroovv" Karan, along with a fabulous climax, flagged the second verified blockbuster in the actor's career. Enna Azhagu is still on your playlist, right?


19. Thalaivaa (2013)

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The film might look sour now because of the release tension that it faced, but one has to admit that Thalaivaa was a pretty good drama with a smart and handsome Vijay.

18. Nerrukku Ner (1997)

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Suriya's debut, Mani Ratnam's production, KV Anand's lens and this film has many more reasons to be celebrated even today. Even Suriya, in a recent interview, validated that Vijay was a very big star when they were shooting this film. The simply star-studded cast and crew made this flick an outstanding milestone in many of the celebrities' careers.


17. Bigil (2019)

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The film which is freshest in memory, Bigil is known for its strong message on women empowerment and the ultra-stylish Vijayisms which were hugely enjoyed by audiences round the globe. Bigil now stands as the career-best grosser of Vijay at the box office.

16. Badri (2001)

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A sports drama that really pumped up Thalapathy Vijay’s career, becoming one of his important films. The visuals of Vijay training for the final game are still fresh in our minds.

15. Thirupachi (2005)

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Another mass entertainer that hit the peaks, with Vijay enjoying himself in the lead role. The fight sequences, packaging and the sentiments were all in royal rumble here.

14. Nanban

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India’s biggest director Shankar joined hands with Thalapathy Vijay for the first time to remake Aamir's 3 Idiots in Tamil, and it went on to become a path-breaker in the actor's career. This flick deflected the criticism the actor had faced for choosing traditional narratives.

13. Thirumalai (2003)

Looking back at Vijay’s career, Thirumalai is the film which made him a mass hero, coming on top as the winner despite heavy competition. The star’s mannerisms in the film are special even today, along with the highly popular songs.

12. Kadhalukku Mariyadhai (1997)

Thalapathy Vijay's cute chemistry with Shalini and Fazil's well-sculpted screenplay paved a new success formula for the Tamil Industry. Many nice romantic films started to flow in after the success of this film. Ilayaraja's tunes are still divine till date.

11. Friends (2001)

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Vijay and Suriya came together in this evergreen comedy which stills grabs your attention when the comic stretches come by on TV. Good music, funny characters and an emotional climax – this one had it all.

10. Priyamaanavale (2000)

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The film is still a favourite of many for two reasons. The first being Thalapathy Vijay and legendary singer SPB's chemistry, and the second - Simran's love track and the agreements. Another magical album from SA Rajkumar which rocked the charts.

9. Sachien (2005)

John Mahendran’s lively and lovely feel-good drama has aged beautifully over the years, becoming a film that is revisited even now for how different it is. DSP’s music and Vadivelu’s comics are unforgettable.

8.Thulladha Manamum Thullum (1999)

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Ezhil's directorial with Thalapathy Vijay procured the majority of the family audience base the actor enjoys today. The mind-blowing performance of Thalapathy Vijay as Kutty went on to become a significant reference in K-Town's pop-culture. It is also to be noted that the film ran for 175 Days in many movie halls throughout the state. Superb earworms from SA Rajkumar galore.

7. Theri (2016)

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Vijay’s histrionics with his on-screen daughter Nainika and all the fun surrounding the duo are unforgettable in this stylish commercial potboiler that is a favourite for many. GVP’s music was an additional asset.

6. Kushi (2000)

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Thalapathy Vijay is accused of remaking films, but this film of the actor holds the record of a film with most remakes in the Tamil language. Another summer release of the millennium's beginning which uplifted the actor's career into a different level amongst the family audience after his '99 blockbuster Thullatha Manamum Thullum. Vijay in a new avatar, Jyothika's award-winning performance with SJ Suryah's pristine narrative and Deva's wonderful songs are the rhizomes for the film to have a fantastic run and age so beautifully.

5. Mersal (2017)

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The Vijay – Atlee combo delivered a bona fide blockbuster with the grand and colourful Mersal. Vijay, in triple roles, ruled the roost in multiple dimensions, bringing forth a solid performance.

4. Kaththi (2012)

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Thalapathy Vijay's second reunion with AR Murugadoss had the best performance of the actor in his career in the role of Jeevanantham. Rockstar Anirudh's tunes and George's visuals with the magic of Murugadoss’ enthralling screenplay made the 2012 Diwali an unforgettable one for all of the Tamil cinema audiences.

3. Pokkiri (2007)

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Vijay’s amazing comic timing and mass hero image came to the party with this thorough entertainer that goes down as one of his biggest commercial victories. Some amazing fight sequences and mass moments!

2. Ghilli (2004)

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The summer release of 2004, is one of the reasons for Thalapathy Vijay to hold the majority of Tamil cinema audience today. This 16-Year-old sports family drama sculpted with goosebump-worthy scenes all over and chartbuster songs still hold the prime TV slot on TV channels.


1. Thuppakki (2012)

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No other film in Vijay’s filmography stands up to the massive entertainer that Thuppakki is. The star’s amazing makeover matched up equally to Murugadoss’ ingenious screenplay which was present until the very end of the film.

We at LetsOTT are eagerly looking forward to Master, hoping that the film will find a place within the top five of this list. Wishing Thalapathy Vijay a very happy birthday!

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