Extraction review: Unadulterated action elevates predictable plot

Extraction review: Unadulterated action elevates predictable plot
Movie Rated

Format: Film
Platform: Netflix
Movie Rated: 18+
Genre: Action, Adventure
Language: English
Digital Premiere Date: 24 April 2020

What is the Story About
When the son of an Indian drug lord is kidnapped and held captive by his archrival in Bangladesh, one man (Tyler Rake) risks it all to bring the boy back safely. However, when things spiral out of control and the rescue mission goes south, Tyler is forced to take down an army – from every police officer to low-life thug in Dhaka - on his own and it isn’t as easy as one would’ve imagined.   


Extraction, at some point, feels like a Salman Khan film, but one with a brain. For an out-and-out action film to work, it really doesn’t matter if the plot is engaging enough. Take Raid: The Redemption for instance. It worked because of the action and this reason holds good enough for Extraction, which allows Chris Hemsworth to get dirty and wreak more havoc with bare hands than he could have with a hammer. It was fun to see Chris, for a change, play a normal human being with some exceptional survival skills and a lot of emotional baggage. Tyler isn’t the kind of guy who is going around flexing his muscles and walking in slow motion as he deals with bad guys. He plays a guy with a tragic back story, and he’s in search of redemption.

Extraction clicks because of relentless action; it’s the kind we haven’t seen in a while. The film offers unadulterated action and it’s doesn’t disappoint on this front. If you’re a sucker for good old action, you’ll have plenty of reasons to enjoy Extraction, and you’d do it without nitpicking. Most of the action stretches look real like they’ve been done with a lot of precision and without the aid of computer technology. Both Hemsworth and Randeep Hooda shine in the action sequences and even though the former steals most of the limelight, Hooda gets a few moments of glory of his own.

In a film produced and headlined by Chris Hemsworth, it’s quite natural he does all the heavy lifting, and as a mean killing machine with hardly any remorse, he plays his part quite convincingly, walking away with the accolades. Hooda has very limited screen presence and he barely registers a noteworthy performance.

After playing a very prominent but brief role in Bhavesh Joshi, Priyanshu Painyuli is miscast as a vicious mob boss. As the film’s prime protagonist, he hardly makes any impact. Rudraksh Jaiswal as the kid who gets kidnapped has a few nice moments with Hemsworth, and the unlikely bond they develop does strike a chord or two, even if it doesn’t work wholesomely.

The action choreography really needs to be appreciated and discussed at length. For a film with such a slim story, you would’ve wasted two hours if not for the great action stretches. If you need the right dose of adrenaline rush in this lockdown, Extraction is just the film for you.  

The lack of an engaging story is a major drawback but for a film that delivers what it promised – mind-blowing action – one shouldn’t expect the story to sweep them off their feet.

Did I like it?
Undoubtedly! I was eagerly looking forward to the action and I wasn’t disappointed.



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