Extraction Sequel: Joe Russo says that the Story Will Continue

Extraction Sequel: Joe Russo says that the Story Will Continue

The thrilling and action-packed Chris Hemsworth starrer Extraction has received overwhelming love from fans online. The film, helmed by Sam Hargrave has seen record-breaking viewership for Netflix which released in April. Now, according to the film’s co-producer and writer Joe Russo, the sequel is already in the works and Chris Hemsworth is also being considered to reprise his role.

In a recent interaction, Russo revealed that he has already sealed the deal for ‘Extraction 2’ and will be penning the script. Although it is still early to decipher what direction the plot will take, we know that a lot of unresolved themes and questions will be answered.  

Extraction seems to be a personal project extending from the Avengers world. After all, it is written by Endgame director Russo, and helmed by Hargrave (who has been Chris Evans’ Captain America stunt double and also doubled up as the 2nd unit director for Endgame). The film had Hemsworth play a mercenary who is sent to India to rescue the kidnapped son of a crime lord. In the meantime, he is also forced to acknowledge his emotional and physical scars from the past. 

Russo hasn’t confirmed as to when Hemsworth will be signed on for the film, but he does mention that if it were to happen, it would be once the script is complete. We would think that the actor wouldn’t decline since he has gone on record to call the film a very ‘rewarding experience.’ Not to mention, the cliffhanger at the end of the first film gives ample opportunity to the actor to explore a different side to his character. In the climactic moment, Rake (Hemsworth) falls to his supposed death from a bridge. However, in an epilogue, we see a figure emerge in the background as Rudhraksh Jaiswal’s character rose up from under his school’s pool. 

The film already closed at such a jaw-dropping moment that a sequel would have been inevitable. It is yet unconfirmed if any of the other cast members will be returning for the sequel as well.  


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