Fakebook Dhamaal (2019)

Fakebook Dhamaal (2019)
Platform : Shemaroo Me
Language : Gujarati
Synopsis : A look at how different people's social media addiction lands them into trouble. The film establishes the fact that although social media has a positive side, the addiction can also lead to many problems in life. The film shows how students, professors and the principal of a college land themselves in trouble due to their social media addiction.
Cast : Jenny Sony, Kailash Shadadpuri, Rutwa Patel, Soham Shah, Bhumika Patel, Bimal Trivedi, Deepa Trivedi, Jaivik Trivedi, Kartik Rastrapal, Nandini Mehta & others
Directors : Manoj Patel
Producer/s : Manoj Patel
Cinematographer (DoP) : Nishant Dave
Production House : Siddhivinayak Film Creation House
Music : Akash Shah

Movie Duration (minutes) : 127
Digital Premiere Date : June 5, 2020 Theater Release Date : March 8, 2019

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