Falling Inn Love review: If spam emails were true

Falling Inn Love review: If spam emails were true
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Falling Inn Love begins with Gabrielle Diaz, who goes to the gym, washes and goes to work in a mood. Due to the practice of good old-fashioned nepotism, her ideas get rejected by her team because they want to work on the idea pitched by their investor’s son. The very next day the company she works in goes bankrupt. The morning next she wins an inn in New Zealand and she goes all the way to a new country only to see that the inn was not as clean as it was in the photos.

For someone who has worked in two metropolitan cities in India, this was a movie which seemed too good to be true. In most cases, private jobs often take away 12 hours of one’s time, hence although some of us may love our jobs, it’s not every day when we wake up with such enthusiasm.

It was believable till the point when she broke up with her boyfriend because even after two and a half years of their relationship, he was not ready to commit, she went to work in a good mood and lost her job unexpectedly. Gabrielle seems to be a character who never gets nervous. Not even when she loses a job. She seems to be a person who needs to worry only because she isn’t worried.

Falling Inn Love is overflowing with optimism, even while showing difficult times, so much so that it makes some serious issues such as building a career, building an inn, look like a first world problem. Like a regular Hollywood movie, Gabrielle sets out on a new journey to New Zealand and meets a stranger with a sexy accent. She lives in a town that’s so small that everyone loves each other and crosses path with each other quite often. This is a world, we dream of, but not a world we live in.

All her fights, troubles seem less like problems and more like unwanted drama. Maybe to teenagers and college aspirants who have not yet tasted a phase called work-life this movie may act as a false hope, but for those who have experienced the phase, we should warn these kids that you never win an inn on the internet, no property that beautiful in any part of Earth world is ever given away for free no matter how dusty the place might be with maple leaves and cobwebs, that only happens in spam emails.

Rating: 2/5 (Watch the film on Netflix here)

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