Fatherhood (2021) Review

Kevin Hart’s parenting tale is partly engaging

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Fatherhood (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

Matt Logelin (Kevin Hart), a grief-stricken widower wishes to take up the rewarding, yet physically and mentally draining challenge of fatherhood. He now has to keep up with the various facets of this new chapter of life and make sure his daughter Madeleine has the best father in the world, well at least sort of.


Fatherhood starts off with a funeral procession in which Matt, played by Kevin Hart, stutters while speaking about the demise of his better half and how hard the rest of his life is going to be. The narrative then jumps back to the passing away of Matt’s loving wife following a medical complication after giving birth to their first child. Matt now embarks on a journey of fatherhood, thinking he is fully prepared for it but only to realise his life is set to take new twists and turns.
The film is an adaptation of Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love and it presents Kevin Hart in a whole new avatar. He does his best impression of an earnest father and he sure does fit the bill. The plot deals with a seemingly immature single-dad bringing up an infant while those around him, including his immediate family doubt him. The father-daughter relationship is showcased with near-zero artificiality and that in turn helps the audience relate to their tale. The emotional connect is quite high right from the start.
That said, the narrative, at times might seem a bit too convenient. The writers and the director Paul Weitz try a bit too hard to project Matt in a good light.


As mentioned, Kevin Hart delivers a very fine performance in the role of a caring father. Alfre Woodard as Matt’s strong-natured mother-in-law makes her presence felt. Melody Hart as a bright and dazzling daughter suits the role.

Music & Other Departments

Rupert Gregson-Williams’s background score is soulful and elevates the mood in certain sequences. The cinematography is adequate.


There is this one particular sequence where Matt tries to take his daughter out of a hospital, saying the same medical team couldn’t save his wife and they can’t help his daughter either. The scene makes you empathise with Matt.


The comedy track featuring the protagonist’s pals is the least engaging in this film. These scenes should have been chopped off.

Did I enjoy it?

Yes, in parts.

Do I recommend it?

Makes for a one-time watch.

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