Fathers Season 2 Review - A hilarious insight into the minds of GenX Fathers

Fathers Season 2 Review - A hilarious insight into the minds of GenX Fathers
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Production House: TVF & MX Player Cast: Presenting the most hilarious and highly entertaining journey of today’s modern day fathers, the impressive cast for this season includes- Manoj Joshi as Shrivastava, Virendra Saxena as Yadav and Rakesh Bedi as Mehta. Revolving around the lifestyle three middle aged fathers, this one is an epic laughter riot. Dialogues: It wouldn’t be overwhelming to say that each of the dialogues ensures a laughter fest. The dialogues provide genuine comedy and humour, thanks to the three veteran actors. Music: Pranit Purao has taken perfect care of the background score, sound and mixing, adding liveliness to the entire series. Cinematography: With the terrific cinematographic standards, the entire show is indeed a virtual tour of these super iconic middle aged fathers, wrestling with their dreams and the reality. Cinematography gives the viewer to make sure they wouldn't regret their choice. Editing: The editing team within the 5 episodes lasting 11-20 minutes has ensured a happy go lucky ride without a single minute of diversion. Story: Prem Mistry has directed the web series about men in their middle ages. The three fathers include Manoj Joshi, Virendra Saxena and Rakesh Bedi, who play the lead roles as Shrivastava, Yadav and Mehta, respectively. Apart from these lead characters, the other significant artists include Khushbu Baid and Pratish Mehta. Jatin and Prakash have done a fabulous job in terms of drafting the plot and the storyline is amazing, providing good humour. Fathers Season 2 is the story of three fathers planning to pursue their dreams and passion following the lines of their kids. Even though, the first four episodes are 10-15 minutes, the last episode is 18 minutes long. Incapable of adjusting with the younger generation, they find new tricks to catch up with social media and the virtual world. You will jump off your seats following their witty journey as they keep posting viral videos, playing PUBG and tattooing. This light comedy is a perfect weekend family watch. The one liners are fabulous. Highlighting the tryst of the fathers to cope up with the idiosyncrasies of the younger generation, this one is a must watch for all the web series lovers. Rating: 4.5/5

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