Feluda Pherot – Chhinnomostar Obhishaap review

Srijit Mukherji makes a splash with this faithfully-adapted Christmas treat

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 Feluda Pherot – Chhinnomostar Obhishaap review
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What is the story about?

In 1977, private investigator Prodosh C. Mitter (a.k.a. Feluda), his nephew Tapesh (a.k.a. Topshe) and best-selling crime writer Lalmohan Ganguly (a.k.a. Jatayu) travel to Hazaribagh for a holiday, but they get involved in various events involving a retired advocate, a murder mystery and a tiger who escapes from the Great Majestic Circus.


It has been a long time coming, but the wait has been worth it. For legions of fans, a Feluda film has always been the perfect way to unwind on special occasions. The stories created and brought to life by the great Satyajit Ray have also been adapted on numerous occasions by his son Sandip. In the age of OTT, the question always remained—would Feluda translate well as a web series? Parambrata Chattopadhyay tried his hands at adapting three stories for today’s times, and faced considerable backlash for it. Perhaps that is why Srijit Mukherji takes no chances and stays true to the original setting of Chhinnomostar Obhishaap. The result is a well-rounded and competently-made web series that sucks you in from the first frame. If you’ve read the original story, it’s a treat to watch this come alive on the screen. 

The adaptation is faithful to Ray’s words, and sometimes you suspect Mukherji plays it too safe at times, but you can’t blame him for it, considering the needless controversy that was generated over his credits in the trailer. The story and characters come alive in the best way possible and is a sure-shot dose of nostalgia for people who have grown up with Feluda’s exploits.


The three actors under the most pressure were Tota Roy Chowdhury, Anirban Chakrabarti and Kalpan Mitra. Fans wondered whether they would be able to pull off the three iconic characters at the heart of this story, and they do not disappoint. Dhritiman Chatterji lends gravitas as the retired advocate Mahesh Chowdhury, while the late Arun Guhathakurta shines as his friend Akhil. Samadarshi Dutta, Poulami Das, Arindam Ganguly and Krishnendu Dewanji are dependable in their roles. But the one actor who stands out is Rishi Kaushik, as the daredevil ringmaster Karandikar.

Music & Other Departments

Joy Sarkar’s background score brings the world of Feluda alive, while also being a great tribute to Ray’s own scores. Supriyo Dutta’s cinematography and Pronoy Dasgupta’s editing are great.



The entire sequence involving Karandikar’s rescue of Sultan, the tiger, is brilliant.


The otherwise-taut screenplay lags at a few places. Also, it’s not really a drawback, but one wishes Mukherji had stepped out of his comfort zone more.


Did I enjoy it?

Hell yes.

Do I recommend it?

Yes. A helpful tip would be to watch this preferably on TV instead of a smartphone.

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