Ferro Review

A brave and an intimate look at the look of the Italian pop star's life

Ferro Review
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What is the story about?

For many of us, Ferro may not be a household name. However, for many Ferro is the pop teen icon who has accomplished a lot. However, he had demons to fight like being a closet homosexual and battling depression. The documentary takes an intimate and never-before-seen look at his life. 


Ferro presents us with an intense and powerful coverage about Tiziano Ferro, one of the most famous contemporary Italian musicians. Filled with behind-the-camera footage of Tiziano while preparing and rehearsing for his new concert tour, the documentary gives the audience a private and unique look at his life, passions, work and love. We are presented of footage where he is performing to a crowd of thousands only to return home to his humble abode and his husband. He breaks bread with his in-laws, attends an AA meeting and also visits school children. Throughout this journey, we are told how Ferro battled mental illness, substance abuse, eating disorders, coming out, and how he deep down is a simple man. He's sold over 15 million albums worldwide, however, his old wedding video of him dancing with his husband brings a tear to his eyes. Such is the information provided to us via this documentary.


It goes on to prove how celebrities and pop-icons deep down, are simple human beings.


None at all.

Did I enjoy it?

The unvarnished reality will definitely want his fans to dwell further into the life of the pop-icon. 

Do I recommend it?

Now that music-based documentaries are the flavour of the season, this one feels like a cherry on top. Go for it. 

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