Filter Coffee Liquor Cha review: Intriguing script let down by poor acting

Filter Coffee Liquor Cha review: Intriguing script let down by poor acting
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Every problem in Himeli’s life is real. She has a boss who has no sense of creativity about food. Every day, she has to make an episode on a cookery show within a constrained budget, and there’s an annoying assistant of the boss who repeats everything the old man says. Back at her place, she is not at peace either. She has to deal with a vegetarian South Indian, who has a problem with her mutton eating habits. Filter Coffee Liquor Cha, could have easily been a relatable web release, strong enough to compete with Amazon and Netflix content. Due to the underperformance of its actors, we fail to find enough interest to go on with the film. It remains unconvincing that two women, who grew up in Bengal’s Siliguri, find it difficult to use the right kind of dictions while speaking Bengali. Hence, they feel it’s simply cool to speak Bengali as if you can’t speak Bengali at all. The colloquial fluency in English among the characters do not help in building the story either. Filter Coffee Liquor Cha fails to keep us on our toes because we have to deal with a cast which is not serious about the project that they need to complete. This was a script which was written with some effort but deserved a better lineup of actors. It’s nice to break stereotypes, but nicer to stick to reality too. The cinematographers took to the streets of Kolkata to capture the real effort of the hawkers who play a major role in tingling your taste buds. Not everything on an OTT platform is watchable when the Pujas are nearby. Sometimes, it helps when the content provides some joy too. Rating: 2.5/5

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