Finding Agnes Review

A basic, dragging film on the search for familial relationships and affection!

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Finding Agnes Review
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Finding Agnes is directed by Marla M. Ancheta, and is a direct OTT release on Netflix on the 30th of November.

What is the story about?

After his mother makes a sudden re-entry into his life after 22 years, an entrepreneur wants to spend more time with her and arranges for a dinner meeting. However, a shocking turn takes place as his mother passes away to a stroke. He then travels back to her stories and finds out the reasons behind her demise, and opens up a new leaf with her adopted daughter.


Finding Agnes has a nice plot that has room for loads of emotions to flow in and strike us, but the film’s dreary narrative has nothing much going for it. The film takes off in a good fashion with the mother angle being used interestingly, but after that, it just nosedives and offers a dry and dialogue-heavy film that rarely has sparks flowing in it. Though there are some funny moments here and there, the problem with the film is that it never offers anything cool or exciting for the viewers.


Jelson Bay and Sue Ramirez form the lead cast of the film and eat up most of the screen time. Though they do not bring something special to the film, they are fair additions to the cast. Apart from them, the rest of the cast including names such as Sandy Andolong and Roxanne Guinoo are decent.

Music & Other Departments

The cinematography of the film was handled quite well with some frames that captured the locations in a bright and beautiful manner. Apart from that, the technical department was functional.


Few comic moments here and there, especially including the moments between the boss and his assistant.


The fact that the film could not pull together many good scenes and hold interest.


Did I enjoy it?

No. This was far from a good watch.

Do I recommend it?

No. Even if you have nothing to do, this might not be the right pick.


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