First Ever LGBT based OTT in India.

Jeya Suria -

First Ever LGBT based OTT in India.

It is a well-known fact that OTT Platforms are booming up big with the COVID-19 Pandemic Situation. Reports suggested that there is a 98% surge in the audience for OTT since March. Almost, all the TV Networks has a separate streaming platform, so that they could stream their content online.

Keeping those aside, India has got its first LGBT-focused video-streaming service called EORTV. Also, a smartphone application of the streaming service is expected to release shortly. 

So, EORTV can be abbreviated colloquially as YOUR TV, with E signifying equality. EORTV will not only present original content for the LGBT society but also it would grant chances for the people from the community to showcase their expertise.

EORTV executive director Kaushik Izardar opened up, “We are not going to showcase the struggles or unacceptance in the society of the LGBT spirits. Our narratives are love stories."

He also added that the original shows which will be added are Love you Hamesha, Mombian, Game of the Sexes, Let There Be Love and I Love Us 2. It was told that the series was to commence streaming in March but the coronavirus outbreak and the lockdown delayed the taping.

Reports claim that cinemas and television in India have shown a deficiency of responsiveness and knowledge in their depiction of LGBT persons. On the big screen, there have been some notable exceptions like Deepa Mehta’s Fire and Karan Johar’s Dostana. Dostana was probed by the LGBT population for the stereotypical depiction of gays. However, Neeha Nagpal, who is among the five lawyers who fought the legal battle to modify Section 377, said Dostana educated the masses and also promoted acceptance as well as tolerance for sexual minorities.

With OTT making originals, the education about LGBT for the masses has been increasing. The protagonist in the Amazon Prime Video’s popular show Made in Heaven is gay but is pleased with his sexuality and perhaps that is the reason it is one of the top streaming shows. Kubra Sait, who plays a transgender in Netflix’s Sacred Games, came in for huge praise but many in the LGBT community said a transperson could have been picked for the role instead of a cisgender actor. 

Izardar also added, "EORTV is looking to re-write the scenario for the LGBT population. From writing, direction to acting, EORTV beams to allow the LGBT community to showcase and sharpen its abilities. The platform in its originals is allotting employment to people from the community. The platform had previously formulated and would give even more chances to the LGBT community in the entertainment industry". Izardar said.

It looks like this approach on LGBT based film is going to reach out huge. For Example, Sonam Kapoor-starrer Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga that released in February 2019 was a lesbian romance. The film was co-written by transwoman and activist Gazal Dhaliwal.

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