First Saudi Series for Netflix - A Thriller Named WHISPERS

Rhea Srivastava -

First Saudi Series for Netflix - A Thriller Named WHISPERS

Streaming giant Netflix is really capturing the global market, and how. Just recently, the company has announced its very first series from Saudi Arabia, a thriller to be titled 'Whispers.'

Whispers is an eight-part series which will premiere on June 11. It is produced by the Saudi Entertainment Phenomena Company 'EP Saudi.' According to an official statement by Netflix,  the show is about a family who has to face a sudden dramatic turn when the patriarch, Hassan, passes away just days prior to the launch of his company's new smart application. Whispers is a social drama which uses the pivotal plot point to explore different perspectives of the family members. The cast of the show includes Abdul Mohsen Alnimer, Shaimaa Alfdl and Norah Alanbar. 

Meanwhile, earlier this year Netflix also acquired the rights to six short films produced by Telfaz11 Studios in Saudi. They were released under the title 'Six Windows in the Desert,' and were all based on social themes. 
The company hasn't announced any plans to produce films in that region. The reception of Whispers will determine whether Netflix will be producing more original content from that region.

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