Flatmate Review

This Bengali romantic drama will put you to sleep

Rony Patra -

Flatmate Review
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What is the story about?

After breaking up with Shubho, her boyfriend of five years and her business partner, Trisha decides to advertise on Facebook for a male flatmate. In walks Ramyo, a struggling stand-up comedian and actor. Both Trisha and Ramyo attempt to move on with their professional lives, but can they keep living like "flatmates", or is there something else they want?


Anyone setting out to write a web-series needs ambition in the writing at least. Flatmate is content billing itself as a "romantic drama", but it sets the bar so low that you, as the viewer, get awkward watching it. The writing is pedestrian, with too many gaping holes in the plot and ideas that are just crammed into the screenplay but never fully fleshed out. Apart from the sequences depicting standup comedy, the rest of the sequences don't land. To make matters worse, the chemistry between the two leads is practically absent, since they hardly get any scenes together. The makers try to cram a sequence similar to the arrest of Munawar Faruqui, but it lacks any bite to be even considered effective. Every aspect of the show looks jaded, almost as if the makers are trying too hard to make a convincing romantic drama.


Sraman Chatterjee is effective as Ramyo, and lands a couple of good punches in the stand-up sequences. However, his character needed an effective foil to set off romantic fireworks. Unfortunately, Aishwarya Sen's Trisha is too dour and confused. Of the rest of the cast, Madhurima Ghosh excels as the carefree comedienne Ohona.

Music & Other Departments

Sayan & Samrat's background score is okay.


Some of the stand-up sequences, delivered in Bengali, are quite good.


The jaded storytelling and lack of chemistry between the leads puts you off to sleep.

Did I enjoy it?

Not really.

Do I recommend it?

Not unless you want a cure for insomnia.

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