folklore – the long pond studio sessions Review

A fascinating journey through Taylor Swift’s creative process

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folklore – the long pond studio sessions Review
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What is the story about?

This concert film unites Taylor Swift with her fellow collaborators on her eighth studio album folklore, as they perform all the songs recorded for the album at her home studio.


It has been a bumpy road to fame and fortune for Taylor Swift. Even though her albums have traditionally done well and earned her millions of fans, she has also been involved in a long-running fight to get control of the masters for her first six albums. And yet, when pandemic struck, and the world was forced into a lockdown, Swift went back to what she does best—write and sing—and produced an album out of nowhere. Recorded at her home with remote collaborations by Aaron Dessner, who has his own band, The National, and Jack Antonoff, who sings for the band Bleachers, folklore was released in July this year to commercial and critical acclaim and has also garnered nominations at next year’s Grammy Awards. It is, therefore, fascinating to watch Swift be united with Dessner, Antonoff and Justin Vernon at her home studio, and perform all 17 songs on the album like a live concert.

Swift, who also directs this film, is obviously the star of the show, but it is the way she intersperses the performances of songs with her thought-process while writing them that is so fascinating to watch. At various points, she makes it clear that this album would not have happened if not for the pandemic. While listening to the songs and watching their performances, it is very easy to figure out where Swift is coming from, as both the album and this film seem to signify the start of a new phase in her creative journey, as well as in her personal life. It is certainly a fascinating experience to watch these musicians talk about life and jam away, almost in the manner of The Dewarists

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Ethan Palmer’s cinematography captures the homely, DIY style of the recordings quite well. But it is the album that is the throbbing heart of this entire enterprise.


All the songs are potential highlights, but it is Taylor Swift talking about how existing modes of life are changing that is the real clincher.


This is not really a drawback, but a tip: it is better to listen to the album before watching this.

Did I enjoy it?

Yes, it is a fascinating watch indeed.

Do I recommend it?

Yes, it is a fascinating watch indeed.

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