Food For Thought Review: Quirky and amusing

Food For Thought Review: Quirky and amusing
Movie Rated

Format: Short Film
Platform: Zee5
Movie Rated: 13+
Genre: Comedy

What is the story about? 
Marriages in modern India can be so tricky and deceiving. Especially when it comes to arranged marriages. ‘Simran’ (Rahi Mal) is a practising cardiologist who’s tied up with two hospitals. She is looking for a prospective groom. The groom’s family arrives. They are taken aback by the fact that Simran is unable to cook! Seema (Alka Amin) looks down upon Zenobia (Abban Deohans) and Atul (Atul, himself). The parents are extremely supportive of their daughter and her profession. They are honest and deliver themselves as who they are without a trace of pretence. But Seema’s definition of a virtuous daughter-in-law entails the one who manages her profession and her house. They say no and walk out. Late that night Atul gets a call from Seema. What happens then, is for you to watch.

Rashi Mal is sweet, yet brutally honest about her profession and what she expects of her husband and his family. She tries to explain to them of her job as a cardiologist, but they fail to understand. In spite of being brutally honest, she knows how to maintain her dignity, and keeps her poise. Her character is original and one can observe that she has worked on ‘Simran’s’ part. Alka Amin can be an annoying mother-in-law, but honestly, when I state that I am genuinely complimenting her. She has gotten very involved in playing Seema, and one can hate her at a drop of a hat. Usha Nadkarni, who essays the role of ‘dadi’ plays her part most convincingly and sums up the film on a sweet and comical note. 


There’s a certain honesty about this plot that cannot be overlooked! The cast could be futher moulded to achieve outstanding results, as the potential is evident. 


There is so much to learn from Simran’s character and Alka Amin’s egoistic shades. Their parts had been played very well. The simplicity in the décor highlights that this is something most middle class, and upper-middle-class family deals with today. 


None in my opinion 


Did I enjoy it? 
Yes indeed! 


Do I recommend it? Why? 
A must watch for every career-oriented woman who is out seeking her groom. They could learn of how to deal with a sticky situation such as this with ease. 


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