Footfairy Review

Not even a fairy can salvage this disaster

Srivathsan Nadadhur -

Footfairy Review
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What is the story about?

Footfairy, set in Mumbai, revolves around a serial killer on the loose. He specifically targets women; he has a distinctive foot fetish and even chops the legs of each of his victims, naming himself a ‘foot fairy’. Senior CBI officer Vivaan Deshmukh who handles the investigation of these gruesome murders is not helped much by the inconclusive evidence to nab the culprit. Though he’s perilously close to catching the killer on multiple occasions, luck doesn’t favour him much. His subordinates Harish and Rishabh remain supportive of Vivaan’s quest. Who’s the foot fairy after all and what is his motive? 


Footfairy is among the most amateurish serial killer thrillers to have been made in Hindi cinema in a long time. Neither is it chilling nor suspenseful; it doesn’t offer anything beyond the obvious and makes a mockery of the talents of its lead cast. No doubt that the filmmaker Kanishk Verma hits upon a good premise – but the writer-director is found so wanting in terms of its execution, particularly the authenticity and research in building the crime backdrop. The characters are very poorly fleshed out.
The protagonist and his subordinates are repeatedly called ‘senior CBI officers’ but their seniority hardly reflects in their actions. The superiors and subordinates behave as if it’s the first-ever high-profile case they have handled and even make intolerable sex jokes in the middle of a serious investigation. The romance angle to Vivaan’s life, with the entry of paediatrician Devika, doesn’t add any value to the story. Serial killer names like Ted Bundy, Tsutomu Miyazaki, Jerry Brudos are randomly included in their conversations and the investigation seems to be the least of the protagonist’s priorities.
Despite the runtime being well under two hours, the film is a patience tester with a plot that is so loosely structured and has a directionless screenplay. The protagonist is busy shouting ‘let’s kill that b***ard’ every alternate sequence and scrolls past the suspect’s social media account as if were substantial evidence. His girlfriend even asks ‘Are my feet pretty enough for the serial killer?’ What on earth was that supposed to mean? The sudden seven-year-leap towards the climax feels so abrupt and the film ends on an inconsequential note. It’s a miracle that the film went from the scripting stage to its execution. What a waste of time and resources!


If not for Gulshan Devaiah, Footfairy would have been even more difficult to stomach. There are some offers that an actor takes up for every reason but the role – this is that film for Gulshan Devaiah. He appears disinterested, yes, though that version of the actor is infinitely better than what his co-actors manage in this film. Sagarika Ghatge, Kunaal Roy Kapur and Ashish Pathode have never looked more out of place. It's hard to watch them so clueless in half-baked roles that are unintentionally funny on most occasions.

Music & Other Departments

A film is good as its script; there’s little that music can do to liven up a shaky narrative – Jeet Gannguli’s understated background score isn’t bad at all but happens for a lost cause. Prateek Deora’s cinematography serves little purpose in the context of a feeble script. Ashish Prakash Verma’s dialogues are an embarrassment. There's no cohesion in the narrative flow at all.


  • Good story idea



  • Intolerable, directionless screenplay
  • No authenticity in the backdrop, storytelling
  • Poor performances


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