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Force Of Nature (2020)

Force Of Nature (2020)
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Feature Movie
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  • Director(s) :

    Michael Polish

    Producer(s) :

    Randall Emmett George Furla Shaun Sanghani Mark Stewart Luillo Ruiz

  • Cast :

    Emile Hirsch Kate Bosworth Mel Gibson David Zayas Stephanie Cayo Will Catlett Swen Temmel Tyler Jon Olson Jorge Luis Ramos

  • Cinematographer (DoP) :

    Jayson Crothers

    Music Director :

    Kubilay Uner

  • Production House :

    Grindstone Entertainment Group Emmett Furla Oasis Films The Pimienta Film Co. SSS Entertainment

Force of Nature is a 2020 American action film directed by Michael Polish from a screenplay by Cory Miller. It stars Emile Hirsch, Kate Bosworth, Mel Gibson, David Zayas, Stephanie Cayo, Will Catlett, Swen Temmel, Tyler Jon Olsen, and Jorge Luis Ramos, and follows a gang of thieves in Puerto Rico who plan on executing a heist during a hurricane.

The film was released on June 30, 2020, by Lionsgate and is scheduled to release on BookMyShow Stream in India on 7 May 2021

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