Force of Nature Review: A disastrous, so-called thriller that turns out to be a big bore!

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Force of Nature Review: A disastrous, so-called thriller that turns out to be a big bore!
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Michael Polish helms this Mel Gibson starrer that also has Emile Hirsch in the cast. The film is a low-budget thriller set in a single apartment complex.

What’s the story about?
Force of Nature starts by introducing us to the city where a large scale hurricane has just struck. Two stories take place simultaneously – a cop is solving his problems at work, while an ex-cop is pacifying his daughter with respect to the issues at home. Hell breaks loose (or it is supposed to) when a gang of thieves plan a heist in the apartment complex where the ex-cop (Mel Gibson as Ray) is staying.

Force of Nature starts off in a fine manner by actually introducing the characters in a fair fashion, but from there, it takes a nosedive and crash lands. The film totally loses its way, as there is no opportunity for the viewer to connect with the people onscreen, or at least have some cheesy fun. While watching the film, I started questioning myself on whether I should actually continue watching it, or just stop it and move on to the next movie. Trust me, the events that take place in the film are so repetitive and boring – watching paint dry is a better option.

It is a big wonder as to why Mel Gibson, a proficient actor and a director who has delivered many quality films, has picked this at this point of his career. Gibson seems to have done this for nothing other than money, as there is not a single scene in the film that has his class on it. The rest of the cast are either plain average or horribly bad and offer nothing to the film even though it is just a flat out (so-called) thriller and nothing more.

Music and other departments
There is absolutely nothing to say about the technical side of the film, with the shoddy cinematography being an eyesore. Eighth graders with iPhones shoot things better.

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Almost every section of the film has a flaw, but the biggest one is Mel Gibson making his way into this mess.

Did I enjoy it?
No way.

Do I recommend it?
Don’t even think about it. I heard this film was rejected by Bruce Willis, I wish they had dropped it right after he said no.


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