Free Meek Review - Partly compelling series that gets redundant over time

Free Meek Review - Partly compelling series that gets redundant over time
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Recounting the life of Philadelphia based rap artist named Meek Mill, the documentary stars Julian Blondell, Jay-Z and Van Jones. Free Meek is a story that spans a decade of complete injustice, reflecting the legal battle that relates to the amortization of anyone (black, brown or white) who can be caught in the US criminal judicial system. Free Meek documents the efforts of the North Philadelphia rapper across six episodes.

Even though the storyline is quite real and relatable, this one is just about satisfactory. Moments about unrealistic travel restriction, harsh sentencing for Meek’s nonviolent acts are seen through the series. From behind-the-scenes addition to the original context presentation, this real-world treat is quite impressive in its detailing. There are several interviews to highlight the urgency of the social issue over the series but they get repetitive.

The show includes significant commentary from Meek's entire family, along with the industry professionals, and several other celebrities, too. The scenes begin crisply but courtroom proceedings depicted in the show is tiring beyond a point. It, however, ensures a much-needed call for criminal justice reforms in the US. If you haven’t known about the issues depicted in the series, this one is good for a one time watch but the redundancy isn't welcoming if you even have a little idea about the story.

The documentary despite its flaws is compelling and affecting in terms of the detailed overview it provides. However, it deserved a holistic presentation too.

Rating: 2.5/5

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