Friend zone review - A predictable no-brainer

Friend zone review - A predictable no-brainer
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After social media stepped up its presence; a new term friend-zone got coined! Well, to think of it, Friend Zone is a very dicey place to be in! The progression in a relationship (say a journey from friendship to being in an actual relationship) comes to a grinding haul. Aspiring lovers find themselves trapped, as they don’t garner enough attention from the person they seem to love, and moving on somehow becomes next to impossible. The modern-day, financially independent woman weals this term to her advantage, using it as a weapon to get her way out of a tricky situation. The term also helps her keep from those lecherous bastards who’d unwarrantedly make their way to her pants.

The plotters
Henil Gandhi and Archana Desai have artfully scripted the series ‘Friend Zone’, a light-hearted Gujarati comedy. Archana Desai who has also directed the series has very simply helped viewers arrive at why are people often being friend-zoned.

The plot
The plot circumvents around, ‘Helly’ (played by Shraddha Dangar), who is an independent girl in her mid-twenties. She has a mind of her own and has grown up with the modern-day values. She takes pride in her independence, and doesn’t want to chain herself down in an alliance with someone who doesn’t understand her! But Helly faces a dilemma of her own as three men named Harsh (played by Yash Soni), Kishan (played by Rahul Rawal) and Mayur ([played by Sanjay Galsar) fall in love with this doe-eyed beauty. The three men are stuck in the ‘Friend Zone’ owing to their own short-comings, and also because they are unable to comprehend the ever-evolving mind of the 21st century, city-bred woman. In comes Dr Premanand (played by Mayur Chauhan) probably an imposter, who could be termed as cheapskate of a love guru, helping men out of their delirious condition and probably helping them man up! He learns that the three men are in love with one girl, and wonders why she says no to all three… he sends for ‘Helly’ and finally gets susses out the real reason. The twist, in the end, is predictable but amusing all the same!

Technical glitches
One can easily gauge that ‘Friend Zone’ is a small budget series. One can binge watch and finish the series in almost an hour and forty-five minutes. The production could have been better, and a little more relatable. Dhruv Mehta could have been a little more careful with the production. There is lurking evidence of unexplainable careless elements in some of the shots. Roopang Acharya, could have worked up the camera angles to hide a few of the production flaws. Though the plot is very to the point, the director could have introduced a few twists to ensure a more natural progression rather than a more predictable one.

It’s a wrap!
The series is a one-time watch and a complete no-brainer!

Rating: 2.5/5 

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