Gandii Baat 3 review: True to its title, dirty enough

Gandii Baat 3 review: True to its title, dirty enough
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When AltBalaji launched the ‘Gandii Baat series, they had invested in some serious research and business instinct! In this case, it was the negative buzz that created a phenomenal surge in the views, bringing the numbers beyond the expected mark. With every negative review, the view would notch up a couple of times, giving the makers the impetus to create season 2 and 3 … and perhaps 4 too.

The reality

We all know that the topic of sex is still taboo in India, but honestly who wouldn’t mind that little tingle up their spine, and heave a sigh of relief at the slightest opportunity of being able to shed their inhibitions? Well, the honest answer is; EVERYONE DOES! Even the saint is NOT a saint!

Under the blanket

What is more hilarious is when you’ve actually watched the difference between people watching, an aesthetically done love scene and on the other hand, and a whole deal of power-packed sluttiness, that is out on display in the open, on the other! Aesthetics can be cast aside, but louder the moaning and the groaning gets, the more pleasure it invites. It is amusing to watch, how even the most sophisticated lot, have their jaws dropping, and tongues sticking out of their mouth at the same time. Their hearts brimming with pleasure, and a boner that is hard to control for the men. Women too enjoy this floozy action, as they often find their hands unconsciously making its way to their panties. All this drama is hushed, and happens only under the blanket, in the brooding darkness of the dark nights. People could found themselves squirming at the face of this raunchy and sleazy series, but perhaps the same peeps also found themselves enjoying this soft porn under the blanket. Interesting but true!

Plotting facts

With nothing more to describe, the only thing one can probably add about ‘Gandii Baat 3’ is that it has 4 prominent episodes, that centre around the lives of those residing in rural India. The four main episodes include ‘Harpreet weds Harpreet', 'Rajkumar', 'Honeymoon on Wheels' and 'Sonam Chadh Gaye'. The roles are assayed by Shiny Dixit, Rushali Arora, Rishikesh Ingley, Lalit Bisht, Bhawsheel Sahni, Sheeva Rana, amongst others. What is interesting is that sex has taken a new level altogether. We now openly witness lesbian acts, as heterosexual sex is passé!

The final nail in the coffin

Sachin Mohite’s direction is bang on for all those who enjoy it! The production team has ensured the required sleaze! Am tempted to give this a minus rating, but will stick to a generous 0.5/5. (Watch the series here)

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