Gatham Review

An impressive, tautly written thriller that keeps you pinned with good twists and turns!

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Gatham Review
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Gatham is a direct-to-digital release on Amazon Prime, landing on the 6th of November. The film stars a bunch of newcomers and is directed by Kiran Reddy.


What is the story about?

Gatham rolls out as a psychological thriller that is better to witness than read about. Rishi (Rakesh Galebhe) is a man who has just woken up from a coma, and doesn’t remember anything from the past. His girlfriend in Meera (Poojitha) is the only one who knows a thing about her. As they set out to meet his parents, their car breaks down. Saving them is another man who is very friendly at first, but turns out to bring dark and surprising turns to their lives.


Just a few weeks ago, Amazon Prime had dropped another Telugu film that was entirely shot in a foreign locale and had little to celebrate about. The film had a great cast, a grand scale and very good technical value. On the other hand, the newer release in Gatham doesn’t have any of those three factors, but the good thing is in how it captures an interesting storyline and keeps the tempo racy. The film does its best to and succeeds in deceiving the audiences and giving them a few really good twists that make the ride worthwhile. Gatham is not a film where you will get to see a lot of locations, great performances or anything big. But it surely does have something in it to keep you engaged until the end.


The actors in the film are first-timers and it clearly shows as none of them is great in the roles defined to them. The positive here is that the film belongs to the thriller genre, and that helps the cast escape without making any big marks. However, Lakshmi Bharadwaj as Adithi does a top job in her limited space and is the pick of the lot.

Music & Other Departments

One of the biggest pillars of the film is definitely Sricharan Pakala’s background score. The composer registers another strong outing after Goodachari and Krishna and his Leela. His rousing background cues are a big plus, especially in the climax. There are a good amount of slow-mo shots captured by the DOP too, but the rest of the film feels a little cheap and amateurish on a visual level.


Kiran’s intriguing storyline and the way in which he breaks his Easter eggs are the best part of the film.


The performances are plain, and the locations do feel repetitive at times.

Did I enjoy it?

Yes I did. It is a minimalistic thriller that kept me engaged for 100 minutes.

Do I recommend it?

Yes. Gatham is not extraordinary stuff but it is definitely worth a watch. Looking forward to more of Kiran Reddy’s work.

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