Gentleman (2020)

Gentleman (2020)
Platform : Sunnxt
Language : Kannada
Synopsis : Bharath suffers from a rare disorder called Sleeping Beauty Syndrome due to which he sleeps 18 hours a day. In the remaining few hours he balances his work, family and love life. But one day an unexpected incident leaves him in a do or die situation. Is Bharath up to the challenge? Watch this suspense thriller to find out!
Cast : Prajwal Devraj, Nishvika Naidu, Sanchari Vijay, Aradhya. N.Chandra, Tabala Nani, Aruna Balraj, Bharath Kalyan, Hanumanthe Gowda, Prasanth Siddhi, Vijay Chendur & others
Directors : Jadesh Kumar Hampi
Producer/s : Guru Deshpande
Cinematographer (DoP) : Aroor Sudhakar
Production House : Guru Deshpande Productions (G Cinemas)
Music : B. Ajaneesh Loknath

Movie Duration (minutes) : 144
Digital Premiere Date : June 26, 2020 Theater Release Date : February 7, 2020

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