Get the Goat (2021) Review

Mostly silly, mostly dumb, but kinda fun

Rhea Srivastava -

Get the Goat (2021) Review
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It is really important to be in the mood for the kind of humour presented by Netflix’s new Brazilian comedy, ‘Get the Goat,’ because it’s the only way you will enjoy this ridiculous and absurd comedy. Following the long-time trope of two bumbling cops getting into a series of misadventures to prove their worth, the least the film can do is present the audience with a few fresh jokes. Honestly, you’ll really have to suspend disbelief to enjoy this film, but if bizarre and really low-stakes humour is already your thing, you might just get through naturally.


What is the story about?

Two cops are at the end of their ropes. There’s Trindade, who ends up getting demoted to an office space in Sao Paolo after his cowardice ends up with his partner dead. There, he meets Bruceuilis who has lost a famous goat (hence the film’s title), Celestina and has come to the same area in search of her. In an attempt to ‘get the goat,’ Trindade and Bruceuilis become pawns in an operation called Thunderbolt which is responsible for tracking down a large crime syndicate run by a man called Ping Li.  



As is expected, almost the entirety of ‘Get the Goat’ is based on one cliche and one trope after the other. There is nothing in the misadventure carved out for these hapless souls that haven’t been seen before, so it’s not really the film’s screenplay that is of any purpose. However, the film is a comedy, and there are jokes across the runtime that are pretty funny. There’s a running joke about multiple cities with the same name, there’s wordplay on the ‘kid’ where people often confuse Celestina for an actual baby, there are slapstick scenes and physical gags. Most of the time, both Trindade and Bruceuilis get themselves into a sticky situation and it is circumstance that gets them out, not their own prowess. Towards the end, there’s the expected falling out and climactic patch up, there’s an action-packed finale against a bunch of colourful villains, and there’s a host of funny, sweet, and lame supporting characters, who are brought in for an odd laugh. If you go in with minimal expectations, this film will run by like a breeze. 


Edmilson Filho and Matheus Nachtergaele play the cops out to ‘get the goat’ and both do a superb job in elevating mediocre material to actual LOL funny. Filho, as Bruce, also gets the chance to show off his action skills in two tailor-made martial arts sequences. Most of the film’s drama and comedy is centred around these men, but most of the supporting cast is pretty good. The cop characters are often shown as improvising themselves out of misfortune, and the fact that they make the best of whatever lemons life throws at them makes them all the more endearing characters and actors.


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The movie is shot well. 


These are also the moments that the film that have the most heart. Most of the film is brisk and consistent, so if this style of humour is your thing, it will be easy to watch. 



But all said and done, Get the Goat is all a bit silly and it’s not self-aware enough to be considered amongst the ranks of other comedies that hook on the lovable loser(s) as the protagonists. 

Did I enjoy it?

Mildly? Some jokes were funny. I didn’t mind it.

Do I recommend it?

Only if you’re not looking for anything cerebral or layered. 

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