Girgit (2021) Review

Taniya Kalrra and Trupti Khamkar shine in this average over-sexed crime caper

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Girgit (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

Ranvir Khetan, the wayward son of a rich businessman in Manali and the heir to a fortune of Rs 100 crores, lands in hot water when Inspector Rathod comes to arrest him on the charge of murdering his ex-wife Jahnvi. In Mumbai, lovers and accomplices Shamoli and Mahi accidentally overhear a conversation between Ranvir and gangster Lyndoh. They decide to blackmail Ranvir for money. But one thing leads to another, and various people start getting mysteriously murdered. Who is the killer?


A man has sex with a random girl on the day of his engagement with another woman. A woman gets a round of cunnilingus while driving a car through Manali. A key character, who is supposed to be a lesbian, turns out to be bisexual. And at one point, in order to charm a lesbian, a foreigner mutters, "Don't worry, baby. I'll make you straight."
These are just some of the random scenes taking place in Girgit, a crime caper set predominantly in Manali. By now, it is highly imperative for an AltBalaji show to carry a sufficient amount of sex in order to "pad up" its story, but a substantial part of the seven-episode series goes in diving into these hijinks. It's actually the first time where the sex scenes serve as a major distraction in the story, because the story, by itself, is pretty engaging, and the characters revel in various shades of grey. I have to admit I did not see one particular twist coming, and therefore Mukul Srivastava's screenplay shines best when the camera isn't on people screwing each other. Sumrit Shahi's dialogues are also on point. I laughed when a character said a line that if female-bashing was what he wanted to hear, he could have seen a Kartik Aaryan monologue from the Punchnama films. If the sex-scenes were carved out, Girgit would actually be a solid four or five episodes. At best, they make a promising show just average.


Honestly, Nakul Roshan Sahdev is too dour as Ranvir. Though he is supposed to be a Casanova who is practically drunk all the time, his performance is lifeless. The real scene-stealers, however, are Taniya Kalrra as Shamoli and Trupti Khamkar as Mahi. Shamoli is a mistress of manipulation, and Kalrra pins the role down to a T, while Khamkar leaves you guessing whether Mahi is as innocent as she looks or not. Samar Vermani is all right as Inspector Rathod, and Shawar Ali has a scenery-chewing turn as Lyndoh. Ashmita Jaggi is okay as Avantika, Ranvir's new fiancee.

Music & Other Departments

Shelly Sharma's cinematography captures the beauty of Manali very well, though the lensing of the Mumbai segment doesn't feel grungy enough. Shlok Bhandari's editing is crisp. Bharatt-Saurabh's background score goes with the vibe of the show, though they do unceremoniously lift the Instagram-popular remix of Paul Anka's Put Your Hands on My Shoulder in a couple of instances.


  • Taniya Kalrra as Shamoli
  • Trupti Khamkar as Mahi
  • The dialogues
  • The engaging screenplay in the second half


The sex scenes are a big turn-off.

Did I enjoy it?

Some of the twists are engaging to watch.

Do I recommend it?

You can watch this if edgy thrillers with loads of sex are your thing.

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