Glitch Tech Review– A glitch ‘ed’ affair

Glitch Tech Review– A glitch ‘ed’ affair
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Initially, it looks like it is a poor representation of Manga. But perhaps the artwork is tweaked to give this a more global orientation. This 9 part animated series comes alive with action in some episodes and has the ability to put children to sleep in the next. Typically the value system that it should inculcate in the 7-year-olds is hugely discounted, leaving little scope for it to be termed as a series that is indeed very fit for 7-year-olds to watch. 

The story takes us into an era that’s heavily riddled with tech gadgets and toys that literally keep children from getting out of their homes. There is a sheer lack of manners that the kids display towards their parents. The story revolves around 5 gaming wizards who participate in a virtual gaming competition in lieu of earning a dream job at the ‘Hinobi tech support organization’ that works towards eradicating glitches in any gadgets. ‘Mi-ko’ who is one of the strongest contenders is all out to destroy ‘Mitch Williams’ together with ‘Hi5’. She establishes a very good rapport with Hi5 and allows him to win in the competition because she simply wants to destroy Mitch Williams for his overconfident ways. As the episode progresses further the duo are seen fighting gaming demons, and viruses, and other challenges they encounter, as they get to learn more about Mitch Williams. 

One wouldn’t shy from stating that the series is a progressive one in a way, but there are times one often finds the action dipping and the story fading greatly before it suddenly picks up again. The language is easy to comprehend. However, there are certain terms like the word ‘Glitch’ which in itself needs greater detail. Considering that the audiences are global, the creators have interestingly kept up with a rather global intonation as well. However, the pace of the animation sometimes supersedes the dialogues. The plot is advanced and very futuristic in orientation, and there is little done to harness some of the elements of the present times. This could have been quintessential to form a bridge between the present and the future.  Overall the animation could have done better with a stronger plot and more noteworthy and 3D inclusive graphics to certainly liven the futuristic perspective of the gaming inclined plot. 

Rating: 1.5/5 stars

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