Go Karts Review – Same birthday party; differently themed!

Go Karts  Review – Same birthday party; differently themed!
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“You’re burning sunlight! Chop! Chop!” is the most meaningful quote that’s fast becoming an obsession within me. It simply means, channel your purposes wisely and don’t while your time away indulging in needless pursuits. ‘Go Karts’ Is a Netflix original that streamed on the Friday the 13th 2020. The plot revolves around go-carts, and how this young lad goes all out to follow his heart! 


The Plot 
Christie Hopper (Frances O’ Connor) and Jack Hopper (William Loddar) are a mother and son duo, who’ve recently migrated from Australia and have come to the states. After losing her husband, Christie is all set to turn a new leaf. Jack is a good boy, who’s assumed his responsibility of the man of the house at a young age. He keeps the fort up at an all-time high with his cool demeanour. A mere invitation to go to the Go-kart racing party lures him to the charms of racing. Jack’s a very talented driver who’s caught Patrick’s (Richard Roxburgh) attention, with his rudimentary, yet, very fine racing skills. Patrick wastes no time at beginning the training. Jack qualifies for the nationals with the help of his friends Colin (Darius Amarfio Jefferson) and Mandy Zeta (Anastasia Bampos). Mandy also works as a chief engineer on her father Mike Zeta’s (Daimen de Montemas) team. However, she is very put off by the fact that her father invests little faith in her engineering skills, which is why she is up to help Jack. Also, there is a little romance brewing, while they’re at making the karts. At the state, Jack seems to emerge as the winner, however, Dean Zeta (Cooper Van Grootel) crushes his badly forcing Jack onto the marbles. Jack doesn’t take defeat well, but he bounces back once again, with his pals helping him to get to where he deserves. 

The Plusses and Minuses 
There are a reasonable number of twist and turns in the plot, but these are very predictable indeed. Writer, Steve Worland could have left a more telling impact on the onlooker's mind with a riskier take on things. The accident was underplayed, and having Jack back on the track after securing the fourth place, didn’t seem like it was evolving naturally. The film progresses smoothly and can prove to become a one-time motivational watch, especially for teenagers. The romance was very basic and could have been slightly steamier. This also involves the romance between ‘Barry’ (Dan Wyllie) and Christie Hooper. Dean could have shown his malicious element slightly more promiscuously. Colin takes the cake with his spontaneity and reasonably good comic timing. William Lodder can carry off the shades of grey with absolute ease! He should try attempting a more promising role. Director, Owen Trevor could’ve used his imagination to make the flick less predictable. 

Music and Sound 
There is nothing that I can negatively remark on here in this department. The background score was fitting, and appropriately suited the theme of the movie. 

This is a great one time watch on a lazy afternoon if your emotionally drained, and life seems to have beaten you black and blue!  However, be realistic as the stroke of good luck doesn’t happen to most of us. 

Rating 3.5/5.

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