Gomorrah Season 3 Review

A tantalising tale of guns, gangsters, and gang wars!

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Gomorrah Season 3 Review
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The new season of Gomorrah has now landed on HBO Max. The Italian show had high popularity levels and is expected to go even higher with this one.

What is the story about?

Taking off from where the second season cut off, Gomorrah catapults the story of enemies turning allies and brings more tension as the two characters in Genny and Ciro get together to battle emotional and tough ties in the world of crime.


Gomorrah’s new season is as enticing as the first, as we get to move closer to the characters and understand their dynamics in a better way. The series packs in a lot of drama first up, as it links together two characters who have crossed paths as enemies, and then flips cards to gather more excitement within their own travails and tough chances. The writing is really smart in many places and manages to grip you by just its intelligently placed twists and the smoothness of the storytelling. There is a sense of completeness that one feels as it moves on from episode to episode, and the clarity that the makers maintain here is really good. Though one does get the deja-vu feeling which is quite inevitable in a series of the genre, the result, on the whole, is very good.


It is Marco D’Amore who does a fantastic job as Ciro, playing a man who has many shades and tackles it all in a superb way. This is a continuation of the promise that he showed in the first two seasons, and there is not a foot put wrong by the actor. On the other hand, Salvatore Esposito as Genny too does a fine job and handles his character with a touch of class. The rest of the cast fit the bill and are nicely slotted into the show’s narrative.

Music & Other Departments

Gomorrah expectedly lands with solid musical stretches and top-notch cinematography that complements the show’s spectrum.


There is lots to like in the show’s writing, which is laced with interesting turns.


The show could have done better in the final few episodes, where the steam runs out a bit.

Did I enjoy it?

Gomorrah’s narrative and impressive performances make this worth a watch. I really liked it.

Do I recommend it?

Yes. If you are a fan of the crime drama segment, this one's for you.

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