Gondya Ala Re review: A relevant take on the Independence era

Gondya Ala Re review: A relevant take on the Independence era
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ZEE5’s Marathi web series Gondya Ala Re has touched upon the most sensitive and interesting historical plot that caused a stir in the Indian independence revolution. The doings of the lesser-known, Pune based, Chapekar brothers, have come to the fore, for viewers to comprehend those little aspects that have made the Indian Independence struggle a huge success. Back in 1897, the Chapekar brothers, assassinated Walter .C. Rand, the commissioner of the Special Plague Committee. The 10 part series went live on ZEE5 on the 15th of August 2019. The series has been directed by Ankur Kakatkar, and stars some prominent actors of Marathi cinema such as, Bhushan Pradhan (who revamped his appearance to play this part) Kshitish Date, Shivraj Vaichal, Anad Ingle, and last but not the least Sunil Barve. The saga The series opens, as Walter .C. Rand (Raymond Francisco) arrives on a horse drawn carriage in the year 1896. The year marks the onset of the deadly plague epidemic. As the death toll is on a rise, the English take stringent measures to end the epidemic. According to a crude research report prepared by an Englishmen; rats were often seen loitering around the in-house granaries, and temples. Humans having suffered the disease passed away owing to lack of medication. In lieu of bringing an end to the epidemic, Rand ordered that every human and house be searched to check for any trace of the disease. British officers took advantage of the situation lawlessly throwing people out of their own homes, stripping both men and in public. In the event, a lot of women were raped and molested. When a detailed report was drawn Rand ordered that the information on the rape and molestation be removed. The Chapekar Brothers were moved by these incidents. They found themselves in a helpless spot, as they were oblivious of how to control the situation. On the advice of Bal Gangadhar Tilak (Played by Sunil Barve), the brother’s make an invasive plan of assassinating Rand. In 1897, on the night of the diamond jubilee year of the queen’s coronation, high-ranking officials had gathered at the Government house (that currently serves as the main building of Savitri Bai Pune University). In the dead of the night, as the celebrations came to a close, Rand’s carriage was making its way back to the quarters, Damodar (role played by Bhushan Pradhan) is seen screaming ‘ Gondya Ala Re’. He is signalling his brothers Bapurao (played by Kshitish Date) and Vasudev (played by Shivraj Waichal) to run for the kill. What happens next can totally keep onlookers glued to their screens. The assassination of W.C.Rand is named as one of the very first agitations of the Independence struggle. The cutting edge The thrilling saga comes alive with pure ‘Shakespearean’ Marathi that needs keen attention while watching the same. Kaustubh Savarkar, Unman Bankar, and Ankur Arun Kakatkar have enriched the plot with fitting dialogues. Anand Upadhyay has ensured that he and his able team bring back elements of the era with utmost care. Bhavesh Rawal’s cinematography compels you to take a walk down the historic aisles. The post-production is overseen by RH Entertainment and Mayur Hardas’s editing, take you back to the history textbook delivering the narrative to its accurate best. Sai and Piyush have given us a glimpse of ‘Marathwada’ by going slightly classical on the music. Final take As we key off I would name this as one of the more momentous series where the director and producer have deviated well from mainstream plots and have showcased something profound and moving. The series serves as a perfect get-away from textbooks and understanding history from a more out-of-the-box perspective. The quality dips down slightly owing to the complexity of the intonation, and the dialogues involved. Rating: 3/5 (Watch Gondya Ala Re here)

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