Grahanam (2021) Review

A pretentious thriller that suffers from regularity issues

Siddarth Srinivas -

Grahanam (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

Roy and Tina are a happy young couple who are just tasting the fruitful side of life after getting married. As Roy starts to find success in his work, he is troubled by the unusual side of Tina, who starts behaving weirdly all of a sudden. Roy then sets out to find the truth behind the problem, leading to surprising reveals.


The premise of Grahanam is something interesting for sure, as it sets up a psychological thriller that has lots of potential. With some good support from the technical team, the director Anand Paga introduces us to the characters and his storyline nicely. However, the film is held back by its inability to produce convincing scenarios to exhibit its turns, and resorts to tried-and-tested tropes throughout. Because of this, the twists and the filmy feeling which come in later are not worth buying as the film turns out to be just another psychological drama with regularity issues. 


Gibu George is pretty good as the lead character Roy, putting up a fine performance that ticks all the boxes. His comfortability in emotional scenes might not be great, but he does justice to the character that the film gives him. Devika Sivan who plays Tina is a decent fit, but there are areas where she could have done much better. The rest of the cast is filled with actors who do not punch above their weight. 

Music & Other Departments

Grahanam has some very good cinematography capturing the locales of Singapore and the close-up shots well. The music and the editing are functional. 


The plot is quite interesting, even though it is not explored fully. 


The film could have used more novelty in its plotting. 

Did I enjoy it?

Not really. The film followed the usual pattern in the second half and that’s a downer. 

Do I recommend it?

No. There are much better films out there in this genre. 

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