Grand Army Review

Yet another teen drama on Netflix that shows promise but doesn’t explore full potential!

Grand Army Review

Grand Army is the next offering from Netflix in the teen space, as the platform has been dishing out shows in this region at will. The series arrived on the platform on the 16th of October.

What is the story about?

Grand Army focusses on the students of Brooklyn's largest high school, packed with explosive characters all round. The story takes off quickly with the characters being introduced to us in uncommon manners, and we move around with them and learn more just through their conversations. As a bomb outside their school amps up the tension, the lockdown is implemented after which the students get limited to the walls of their school with minimal outside activity. Here is where all the stories come up and collide, taking it deeper.


Grand Army does start off well with some bold and striking visuals to accompany the areas that the story touches. However, what seems solid at first doesn’t keep up the momentum throughout, with the boldness of the show also making it a bit too melodramatic and tough to watch. As the episodes progress, almost every problem that a teenager faces is brought into the fore, and that’s where it feels like it is cramming too much into the picture. There are sparks of positivity here and there, and that’s what upholds the show until it reaches the end. Hopefully, the second season will have better character development.


Odessa A’Zion as Joey Del Marco does a great job in the role of the protagonist, with Keara Graves offering good support throughout. The duo eat up most of the attention, and rarely give time to the others to make a mark. However, Amir Bageria as Sid did indeed pull off a slightly tough role.

Music & Other Departments

Technically, there is not much to say about this series which was basic and fit the bill as required.


The way the series starts and the number of topics that it discusses.


The uneven pacing of the show gives us hope and then tosses it into the air with ease.

Did I enjoy it?

In bits and pieces. Teens will find something to like here.

Do I recommend it?

There is nothing unusual about the Grand Army, and that could work both ways – good enough for a time pass watch but absolutely nothing more.

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