Greyhound Review: Tom Hanks is excellent in this action-packed, pulse pounding navy drama!

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Greyhound Review: Tom Hanks is excellent in this action-packed, pulse pounding navy drama!
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Early in World War II, an inexperienced U.S. Navy captain must lead an Allied convoy being stalked by Nazi U-boat wolfpacks.

Format: Film
Platform: Apple TV+
Movie Rated: 13+
Genre: Action, Drama, History
Language: English
Digital Premiere Date: 10 July 2020

The biggest release during the pandemic is none other than Tom Hanks massive navy drama Greyhound, which has hit the Apple TV+ platform today. The film is directed by Aaron Schneider and has the screenplay penned by Hanks himself.

What’s the story about?
Greyhound flushes in the story of the memorable Battle of the Atlantic, where Ernest Krause (Tom Hanks) leads the US Navy Commander across the ocean, during World War II. With German boats wreaking havoc and constantly pulling tension into the situation, Krause and his team must stand up and fight until they find themselves away to sufficient air support.

Right from the first frame, Greyhound directly gets into business and gets going with its course of events. The film wastes no time in bringing about the dynamics of the situation, putting us right in the middle of the ship with all the other men around. Hanks is introduced to us as an inexperienced captain, who first misunderstands a narrow escape as a win, but soon has to make amends and battle out the evils. The 90-minute runtime of the film does not allow much time for character or world-building, but there is a big load of thrill and tension that comes to hold our attention. The first 45 minutes in particular, as spectacularly put together with the right elements at the right time, after which the film gets a little repetitive but ultimately finds its way back to supremacy by the end, finishing on a good note.

This performance of Tom Hanks may not be able to match up to his other ‘Captain’ cinema such as Captain Phillips and Cast Away, but there are lots to enjoy in how the actor has smartly penned the screenplay on his own to match his image. The way in which he conveys the emotions plainly by the use of his facial muscles is something that will leave you in awe, along with the likeable smirks which come along. Along with Hanks, the rest of the handpicked cast fit into the film’s intentions very well, even though not many of them leave a mark on our minds.

Music and other departments
This is one department that scores full marks (or even more), because of its absolutely fantastic deliverables that make us feel bad for not watching this on the big screen. Apple TV guarantees and provides a top-notch experience, doing full justice to the visual and the sound that the film brings. Greyhound will be remembered as a benchmark for films released on OTT platforms, mainly because of this.


Tom Hanks’ lovable performance along with all the in-sea action makes Greyhound a film worth watching.

After the first 45 minutes, the film dips a bit as we start to get a little sea-sick by being in the middle of all the chaos.

Did I enjoy it?
Surely, yes I did. More than the film, this was one of the best film experiences that I have been able to access during the lockdown.

Do I recommend it?
Definitely. This is one of the big releases that have come out during the pandemic, and the hype does pay off by giving us a good film to watch.


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